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World TB Day, March 24, is an opportunity to highlight the problems and solutions of TB. The resources below will help you as you reach out to your community, the media, and your members of Congress.

World TB Day Rally in Zambia

World Tuberculosis Day 2012: Now is the Time for Global Action

Why advocacy events on World Tuberculosis Day? Annually on March 24, the global community commemorates World Tuberculosis Day by bringing attention to the global epidemic that affects 1/3 of the world’s population and kills close to 2 million every year.

TB is an opportunistic disease that prey’s on weak immune systems and is the leading killer of people living with HIV. It’s been proven that access to early AIDS treatment reduces the transmission of HIV by 96 percent. Early AIDS treatment can also help protect HIV-positive people from opportunistic infections like TB. The study found that early AIDS treatment reduced the chance of active f TB infection by 84 percent.  TB services, including TB screening and preventive therapy, are also essential.

New economic modeling by the Stop TB Partnership has shown that if we invest in TB-HIV co-infection by providing intensified TB services , we can save a million lives by 2015.  The scientific evidence coupled with the economic modeling show that investing more in now will not only reduce deaths, but reduce the cost of the epidemics in the long run.  Now is the time to act to save lives.

World Tuberculosis Day Outreach Events Build Momentum

RESULTS activists across the country can use World Tuberculosis Day as a platform for creating media and building political will to end these deadly diseases through actions and events. By hosting events and building community support, WTBD can also help you recruit new local activists and allies. The resources below will help you as you reach out to your community, the media, and your members of Congress.

RESULTS World TB Day Grassroots Mini Grant for Community Engagement

World TB Day can be an incredible opportunity to build community partnerships, media relationships, and educate your members of Congress on the issue of TB.  REF's ACTION Project sponsors annual mini-grants up to $5,000 for grassroots groups to host events that build public awareness and support for TB in their local communities. 

Apply now for WTBD 2012! 

Submission Timeline:

To apply for a mini-grant or to find more ideas about how to engage your community in TB advocacy and outreach events, check out the updated REF World TB Day Mini-Grant Application for WTBD 2012.

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