Right to Education Index

The Right to Education Index (RTEI) is a global index being developed by RESULTS Educational Fund and its partners to catalyze reform across select indicators of the right to education, leading to, in years ahead, a multi-country advocacy campaign that will drive accountability and progress towards realizing the right to education. The project will facilitate ongoing research, analysis, and advocacy in partnership with civil society in the North and South alike and unite education advocacy campaigns with a concentrated focus.

Right to Education

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RTEI Public Consultation

With tool development and a five-country pilot to take place in 2015, RESULTS Educational Fund and its partners are currently conducting a public consultation on select RTEI tools until Friday, May 15th. The RTEI consultation provides an opportunity for the larger advocate and research community to provide direct feedback, particularly focused on the RTEI Questionnaire at this stage.

To provide a breadth of understanding on the project and aid in the solicitation of specific, actionable feedback, working drafts of the following RTEI tools or respective frameworks are provided:

  • RTEI Background Paper: Provides a project overview, aims, and timeline.
  • Background to Indicator Selection: This document outlines the process of identifying and selecting indicators for inclusion in the draft RTEI Questionnaire. It includes RTEI Inclusion Criterion and addresses general concerns with index specificity and data availability. As it provides examples of how RTEI Indicator Criterion was applied to already-reviewed indicators, it is central to this consultation.
  • Draft RTEI Questionnaire: The Draft RTEI Questionnaire is the primary document for feedback at this time. Civil society partners will be supported to complete the questionnaire over a two-month period, collecting the information necessary to assess a country’s progress on various areas of the right to education. Information from the RTEI Questionnaire will be used to calculate overall RTEI results, providing country-specific results that act as indications as to how well a country respects, protects, and fulfills the right to education for its citizens. This draft in its current state represents an all-in-one document including the questionnaire, guide, and fillable forms. This draft also represents a comprehensive attempt to capture indicators/questions explicitly derived from the international right to education legal framework, anticipating that this consultation will serve to help further refinement.
  • Draft Framework for RTEI Analytic Handbook: This draft outlines the framework of the RTEI Analytic Handbook which will provide users with the means for interpreting overall index results as well as how the index can be flexibly used to draw attention to different themes, such as private education, girls’ education, income inequality, regional disparities, teachers, etc. For each theme, the Analytic Handbook will provide possible interpretations of the responses and potential leverage points to address if results are low. Although not the focus of this consultation, feedback on the framework is welcome.

To provide feedback on the RTEI Questionnaire, please use the RTEI Questionnaire Feedback Guidance, completing the included template. Non-indicator specific feedback may also be submitted in the form of an email. The following steps are suggested in providing feedback.

  1. Read the RTEI Background Paper to get familiar with project aims and history.
  2. Review the Background to Indicator Selection to explore the RTEI Indicator Criterion and the key issues and challenges in selecting appropriate indicators.
  3. Explore the Draft RTEI Questionnaire. Be sure to read through the full questionnaire as many of the specifics are addressed through the disaggregation of individual questions.
  4. Provide comments on included indicators or suggest additional indicators using the RTEI Questionnaire Feedback Guidance.
  5. Email William Smith at with your comments, feedback, or questions.

The consultation period will close on Friday, May 15th. Inputs will be used as contributions to the pilot RTEI Questionnaire as it is finalized over the May-June period.

Thank you for your support as we take these much needed steps forward to ensuring that all children enjoy their right to a quality education.


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