Urge Congress to Support the Global Partnership for Education Replenishment

With the Global Partnership for Education's June 26 pledging conference quickly approaching, it is time to advocate to the U.S. government to commit $250 million over two years to the Global Partnership. The Administration will be making the final decision on the role the U.S. will play – but Congress is using its voice now to urge the Administration to step up and make an ambitious pledge. Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) has initiated a letter to President Obama asking for a U.S. pledge of $250 million over two years.

Strong support from Congress on Rep. Schakowsky’s letter will be critical to securing this pledge in June. Call and/or write your representative and urge them to sign Representative Schakowsky’s letter calling on the President to commit $250 million over two years to support for the Global Partnership for Education at this June’s pledging conference.

The letter will be open until May 1, but the April Congressional recess is a great time to ask your member of Congress to join this effort. Let's aim for 100 signers on the letter!

Download a copy of Rep. Schakowsky's letter in support of the Global Partnership for Education, and use our April action sheet to guide you as you ask your Representative or their staff to sign the letter.

We'll be updating this space regularly with the list of members of Congress that sign on - check back here!

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