RESULTS Experts on Poverty

Too often the voices of low-income Americans are not heard in policy debates despite the fact that they have the unique experience and knowledge needed to end poverty. We are working with a group of 15 experts from across the U.S. who know firsthand why federal nutrition programs are so important.

All of our Experts on Poverty attend the annual RESULTS International Conference and receive on-going training on effective advocacy. They work together with RESULTS to move members of Congress, journalists, and their communities into action.



"I work full time, but I still find myself in the rut of not being able to afford the costs of everyday life... How do I decide which bill to prioritize when they are all important? A roof over our heads, electricity, heat, and water — these are all essential."

Read Maxine’s op-ed in the Hill

“For me, the situation with SNAP benefits hits close to home because my mother and I are both recipients... RESULTS gives you a platform and pushes you to be a better person and a better advocate. It helps you tell your story." 

Read Tamara's story.

"I want to see the end of poverty in my state and all over the country. I’m raising my voice for change, and I won’t give up until we get it."

Read Ruth's story.


To learn more about this project, or to share your own story, please contact Kristy Martino at 

Investing in the Next Generation of Americans

RESULTS activists and allies across the country are building support early childhood development programs, especially Head Start, Early Head Start, and Child Care, for a smarter, healthier and stronger America.

Global Fund for Education

Help hold Obama to his promise to establish a Global Fund for Education. With graduations taking place across the country, it’s a good time to remind readers in your area of the 75 million children around the world who don’t access to even primary education. Editorial packet now available!

Global Appropriations

Urge Congress to Invest in the Millennium Development Goals. Take action today!