Child Health

RESULTS campaigns to end preventable child deaths so that every child, regardless of where she is born, can survive and thrive. While child survival rates have improved with innovation and targeted health interventions, the poorest and most disadvantaged children continue to miss out on basic, lifesaving health services.  Pneumonia, diarrhea, and malnutrition — the leading killers of children — are preventable and treatable. Our advocacy focuses on overall funding for child health as well as for simple proven interventions including access to vaccines and quality nutrition. 

 Maternal and Child Health                    Vaccines                                 Nutrition

Maternal and Child Health     Vaccines     Nutrition

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RESULTS' Legacy on Child Survival Advocacy

When RESULTS started in the early 1980s, we focused our advocacy efforts on hunger and child health. Our staff and network of grassroots volunteers spoke out in their communities, in the media, and in the halls of Congress to help secure the first ever allocation of child survival funding in the foreign aid appropriations bill. 

By 1990, RESULTS was a leading force in child survival advocacy, pressuring world leaders to attend and set bold goals at the World Summit for Children. Thousands of volunteers around the world held candlelight vigils, bringing together around 1 million people and focused media attention on the plight of the world’s children and the opportunity of the Summit. At the World Summit for Children, world leaders stepped up their commitments to improving child survival, making pledges to dramatically improve the living conditions of children around the world including commitments to significantly decreasing child mortality and increasing access to basic education. 

Because of RESULTS' continued advocacy, in 1995, Congress protected funding for child health by creating a special account in the foreign aid budget to prioritize child survival and other health programs. Congress continues to expand this account which now includes funding for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, UNICEF, micronutrient programs, and vitamin A supplementation, among other with important health interventions for pregnant women and young children. As the amount of child survival funding increased, global child death fell. 

Although child survival programs are a highly successful and cost-effective use of global development investment, funding remains inadequate. RESULTS volunteers across the U.S. and around the world continue to speak out for greater investment in child survival programs so that every child has the chance at a bright future. 

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