Senate Health Care Developments — Contact Your Senators NOW

By Ann Beltran, Domestic Policy Volunteer, RESULTS
December 16, 2009

Today, Wednesday, December 16, the single-payer amendment by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is being read on the floor of the Senate. This gives us another twelve hours to e-mail and call our senators and make one last push for their vote on this. Both Congress and the American people need to know the support for meaningful reform of the administration of health care is still alive and fighting! Read More.

Regional Coordinators and Staff Work the Weekend in D.C.

By Ken Patterson, Global Grassroots Manager
December 14, 2009

The mood was upbeat and energetic as global and domestic regional coordinators (RCs) spent Friday through Sunday with staff working on strategies to make our grassroots more powerful. The weekend included guest speakers, RC- and staff-led sessions, and a holiday party with the entire RESULTS/RESULTS Educational Fund, Microcredit Summit, and ACTION staffs. Read More.

15 Years of DOTS Has Saved 8 Million Lives

By John Fawcett, Global Legislative Director, RESULTS
December 10, 2009

New data from the World Health Organization (WHO) demonstrate the success and promise of effective tuberculosis (TB) control programs. Since the WHO embraced the DOTS strategy in 1994, 36 million people have been cured of TB and 8 million deaths have been averted. Read More.

Donate Your Facebook Status to Urge Our Leaders to Take Action in Passing Real Health Care Reform

By Sara Rigdon, Communications Intern, RESULTS
December 08, 2009

Sites like Facebook have evolved from the entertainment networks they were when I first started college three years ago, and are now powerful tools for lobbying politicians, educating the public, and organizing large groups. Read More.

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