U.S. Poverty Outreach Resources and Monthly Action Archive

Outreach and Training Resources

If you are attending an event, doing a presentation, or tabling at a conference, please feel free to download and edit these resources to use for trainings, presentations, and outreach in your community.

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U.S. Poverty Monthly Actions

2018 Actions

November-December 2018

Use the Election Excitement to Engage New People

October - Early November 2018

Engage Candidates and New Volunteers during Election Season

September 2018

Generate Media to Protect Anti-Poverty Programs

August 2018

Shape the Election Debate with Candidate Questions about Poverty

June-July 2018

Use Effective Advocacy Tools to Protect SNAP               

May 2018

Generate Media to Protect SNAP               

April 2018

Write Letters about the importance of SNAP to Communities of Color                 

March 2018

#LettersGetLOUD and Face-to-Face Meetings Make a Powerful Combination               

February 2018

Make a Difference with #LettersGetLOUD                 

January 2018

Plan for Success in 2018 and Make Your First Meeting Requests                 


2017 Actions

2016 Actions

2015 Actions

2014 Actions

2013 Actions

  • December 2013: Set Up Face-to-Face Meetings with Members of Congress to Start 2014 Right
  • November 2013: Strategic Follow Up to Protect SNAP (Food Stamps) in Final Farm Bill

  • October 2013: Generate Editorials and Op-Eds about Protecting SNAP

  • September 2013: Mobilizing Others to Protect and Strengthen SNAP

  • August 2013: Use the August Recess to Get Face Time with Lawmakers

  • July 2013: Set Up Face-to-Face Meetings with Members of Congress

  • June 2013: Use the Media to Protect Hungry Children and Families

  • May 2013: Tell Congress to Oppose Cuts to SNAP in the Farm Bill

  • April 2013: Tell Congress to Protect and Strengthen Tax Credits for Working Families

  • March 2013: Tell Congress to Protect Hungry Families

  • February 2013: Generate Media on How Budget Decisions Impact Children and Families

  • January 2013: Set Up Face-to-Face Meetings with Members of Congress

2012 Actions

  • December 2012: Tell Congress to Protect the EITC and CTC
  • November 2012: Call Tax Aides about Protecting the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit

  • October 2012: Schedule an Outreach Event to Strengthen and Grow Your Local RESULTS Group

  • September 2012: Use New Poverty Data to Generate Media Protecting Low-Income Americans from Harmful Budget Cuts

  • August 2012: Make the Most of the August Recess to Protect the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit

  • July 2012: Follow Up with Congress about the Benefits of the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit

  • June 2012: Write Members of Congress Urging Them to Extend EITC and CTC Improvements

  • May 2012: Use the Media to Urge Lawmakers to Oppose Radical Budget Cuts

  • April 2012: Do Outreach in Your Community around Education for All

  • March 2012: Urge Congress to Protect Head Start and Child Care Services

  • February 2012: Set Up Face-to-Face Meetings with Members of Congress

  • January 2012: Create a Bold and Inspiring RESULTS Group Plan for 2012

2011 Actions

2010 Actions

  • December 2010: Make Final Push for the EITC and CTC and Start Preparing for the New Congress
  • November 2010: Greet the Lame Duck Congress with Letters Supporting EITC and CTC
  • October 2010: Urge Congress to Pass Child Nutrition Funding Without Cutting SNAP (Food Stamp) Benefits
  • September 2010: Set Up "Virtual" Lobby Visits with Congress on Tax Credits
  • August 2010: Generate Media for Working Families
  • July 2010: Create Champions for Protecting the EITC and CTC
  • June 2010: Discuss the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit in Face-to-Face Meetings
  • May 2010: Understanding the Local Impact of the Child and Earned Income Tax Credits
  • April 2010: Low-income Tax Credits Help Families Stay Out of Poverty
  • March 2010: Urge Congress to Pass Health Care Reform (Media Action)
  • February 2010: Health Reform and Low-Income Tax Credits are Key to Economic Recovery
  • January 2010: Final Health Care Bill Must Increase Access to Health Care

2009 Actions

  • December 2009: Use Traditional and “New” Media to Push for Strong Health Reform
  • November 2009: Mobilizing to Meet the Health Needs of Low-Income Americans
  • October 2009: Continue to Set Up Conference Calls with Congressional Staff on Expanding Medicaid
  • September 2009: Arrange Conference Calls with Senate Staff to Discuss Expanding Medicaid
  • August 2009: Schedule Meetings and Attend Public Events to Show Support for Bold Action on Health Reform
  • July 2009: Generate Media in Support of Health Care for All
  • June 2009: Join Nationwide Push for Health Care for All
  • May 2009: Urge Congress to Incorporate Strengthening Medicaid into Health Reform Legislation
  • April 2009: Urge Congress to Incorporate Community Health Centers Expansion into Health Reform Legislation

For older RESULTS U.S. Monthly Actions, please see or join the RESULTS Listserv at http://groups.google.com/group/results-L.