Leaders for Action Challenge

There may never be a more important moment to invest in advocacy for the end of poverty.

We are seeing unprecedented threats to our work to end poverty, potentially reversing decades of progress. At the same time, there is a surge in everyday people eager to get involved in our democracy through advocacy. The success of our work will depend on whether we can harness this energy to build the advocacy muscle needed to fight off these attacks.

That is why we are challenging 10 RESULTS supporters to donate $10,000 each in 2017. We will combine these funds to create a $100,000 matching pool that will inspire giving from our broader RESULTS network.

Known collectively as Leaders for Action, these donors demonstrate their understanding of the critical moment we face and their commitment to ensuring that we rise to the challenge before us.

Interested in learning how you can become a Leader for Action? Contact Caitlin Van Orden at [email protected] or 202-783-4800 ext. 143.

Meet our current Leaders for Action!


Member Spotlight

Kathleen Close

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt (1885-1962)










"This is a gift you are giving me. I feel sad and angry at what is happening in our country. Contributing to this campaign helps me to feel less helpless in the face of it all. There IS something I can do!"

–Carolyn Keating, The Keating Family Foundation 

"Leading isn’t about going were others are standing.
When the world is going your direction, a little managing will do. Leading is required when uncertainty, ambiguity, and real impact is at risk.
I am proud to be one of the Leaders for Action supporting RESULTS in this moment in which what we do now will really matter!"

-Nick Craig

"We are proud to join the Leaders for Action Challenge. Frankly, it was an easy decision, powered by our drive to make a difference. There is nothing more important to us now than seeing the worst aspects of poverty eliminated during our lifetimes."

-Ken and Linda Schatz

"This gift is being made in memory of Bob Dickerson, long-time RESULTS volunteer. Bob was the epitome of a Leader IN Action! His generosity of spirit, untold hours of volunteer time, his consistent financial support along with his positive, loving energy will forever inspire and impact countless lives."

"Within my means, I donate modest amounts to many worthy organizations, all addressing issues of importance. But investing in RESULTS always tops my list. My dollars are contributing to positive impacts in the world, and on people's lives, on a scale I don't know any other better way to achieve.”

- Roger Hudson





For more information about the Leaders for Action Challenge contact Caitlin Van Orden at [email protected] or 202-783-4800 ext. 143.