Helping Seniors Understand Why Health Care Reform Bills Strengthen the Medicare System

By Ann Beltran, Domestic Policy Volunteer, RESULTS
December 03, 2009

To understand the concerns of senior citizens, we need to know the lure of Medicare Advantage Plans. In order to alleviate the concerns we need to know how the pending health care legislation strengthens Medicare by bringing fiscal responsibility to short-term advantages they may value, for true long-term advantages of a sustainable Medicare system for all. Read More.

Why I Believe a Global Fund for Education Is So Important

By Lin Carlson, RESULTS Partner, Seattle Chapter
November 30, 2009

As a semi-retired school district administrator, Lin Carlson had the privilege of meeting many dedicated educators during his travels in Kenya. He explains why a Global Fund for Education is so vital to our global community. Read More.

Bill and Melinda Gates Launch Living Proof Project

By Katie Sacca, RESULTS/RESULTS Educational Fund Global Fall Intern
November 23, 2009

Bill and Melinda Gates have a message for you: U.S. investments in global health work! The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation launched the Living Proof Project, a multimedia initiative that seeks to educate the American public about the successes of U.S. foreign assistance for global health. While we at RESULTS and REF know the powerful impact of U.S. foreign assistance, especially for health, the Gates Foundation saw the discouraging void in global health aid reporting — global health initiatives generally only make the news when they fail to perform, and news reports rarely if ever offer commendation on improvements to health worldwide. “If every American could see what we see when we travel, especially in Africa,” Melinda Gates explained, “they would understand how amazing these investments have been . . . but when you pick up the newspaper, you hear just the opposite, you hear just the negative stories.” Read More.

Fundraising Update: Giving and Giving Thanks

By Stacy Carkonen, RESULTS/REF Development Officer
November 23, 2009

During this week of thanksgiving, Stacy and everyone at RESULTS wants to say a very heartfelt “thank you.” Please know, this week and every week how thankful we are for all of you — and never doubt that you are the heart and soul of this amazing organization. Read More.

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