Overview of RESULTS Global Campaigns for 2012

In 2012, RESULTS is playing a pivotal role in advancing some of the highest impact interventions for eradicating poverty available on the planet: expanding access to education so all children have the chance to learn, ensuring that microfinance funding reaches the world’s very poorest people, and increasing access to vaccines against the biggest killers of children (pneumonia and diarrhea) and to diagnostic tools and treatment of one of the biggest killers of adults (tuberculosis). To achieve these goals, we also continue to develop our volunteer activists and leaders and to expand RESULTS chapters across the U.S.

Campaigns grid for RESULTS 2012 global campaigns (.doc)

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Education for All

Millennium Development Goals

  • MDG 2: Achieve universal primary education
  • MDG 3: Promote gender equality and empower women

Context and Opportunity

RESULTS will continue to work to advance the Education for All Act (HR 2705) in the House and its introduction in the Senate in partnership with the US Global Campaign for Education. The EFA Act authorizes the U.S. to support multilateral education initiatives, through the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), formerly the EFA Fast Track Initiative. After securing the first ever US contribution to the GPE in 2011, RESULTS will continue to press for expanded funding for the GPE as it supports literacy, girls education, fragile states and early childhood development for low income countries.  


  1. Support advancement of the Education for All Act in the House and a bill introduction in the Senate. 
  2. Secure increased appropriations for the Global Partnership for Education as a way for the US to fulfill its literacy and girls education targets.  

Economic Opportunity

Millennium Development Goals

  • MDG 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Context and Opportunity

Holding USAID accountable to the law that directs half of all US foreign aid funding for microfinance to the very poor has been the foundation of RESULTS’ advocacy since the passage of the Microfinance Results and Accountability Act of 2004. To build on these efforts, in 2012 RESULTS will push for passage of bills introduced in both the House (The Microenterprise Empowerment and Job Creation Act of 2011, H.R. 2524) and the Senate (The Microfinance and Microenterprise Enhancement Act of 2011, S. 2027). 

The bills are complementary and both focus to increase access to a variety of financial services including microcredit loans, safe savings, and insurance for the very poor. Both pieces of legislation direct USAID to uphold the 2004 law that targets half of US microfinance aid be used to support those in extreme poverty.  


  1. Increase congressional pressure to direct half of microfinance assistance to the very poor by supporting passage of H.R. 2524 and S. 2027.  
  2. Secure increased appropriations for microfinance for the very poor in foreign aid funding.

Child Survival

Millennium Development Goals

  • MDG 4: Reduce Child Mortality

Context and Opportunity

In 2011 RESULTS secured the first three year U.S. pledge of $450 million to the GAVI Alliance to increase access to new and underutilized vaccines and immunizations in developing countries, including vaccines to prevent the two leading killers of children, diarrhea and pneumonia. Through the US appropriations process, RESULTS will work to ensure that the US fulfills its pledge to GAVI, and expands access to basic vaccines. Building on research from UNICEF, RESULTS’ child survival campaign will continue to focus on equity to reach the very poor with essential health services.  


  1. Secure full funding of $145 million for the GAVI Alliance and build support for basic vaccines. 

  2. Build support for child survival equity agenda, including gathering support for H. Res. 734 on Frontline Healthcare Workers. See fact sheet.


Global Health

Context and Opportunity

Millennium Development Goals

  • MDG 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

New scientific research and economic modeling prove the end of AIDS is possible and that we can save an additional million lives by 2015 by ramping up investments in tuberculosis and HIV co-infection, but the US must fulfill its pledges and ramp up resources for this to be possible. 

President Obama’s 3-year $4 billion pledge to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria and the 2008 Lantos-Hyde Act, which provides the legislative authority and framework for a major scale-up to fight TB, are both landmark commitments that offer guidelines for scale up to support the bold goals of ending AIDS and saving lives from TB-HIV. Through the appropriations process and opportunities around the International AIDS Society Conference in Washington, DC in July, RESULTS will highlight the need for securing full funding for both the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria and bilateral TB control. 


  1. Secure full funding of $1.65 billion for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.  

  2. Secure $650 million in FY 2013 appropriations for bilateral TB programs as authorized by the Lantos-Hyde Act.

Citizen Empowerment

Context and Opportunity

In line with the new RESULTS Strategic Plan, our citizen empowerment will focus on expanding RESULTS reach and impact, building new grasstops champions to support community grassroots activism, and providing more opportunities for new and existing advocates to be in action.

1. Expanding Reach and Impact: RESULTS will strive to expand our reach and impact in 2012. Expanding to more locations and covering more districts will increase our impact.

2. Building Grasstops Champions: Building grasstops champions at the community level will increase our impact. Grasstops champions are community-based issue experts, community leaders, faith leaders, and other influential personalities who can amplify our messages to assure they are heard.

3. Improving Support to New and Existing Activists: Our success in ending poverty depends on our ability to build deep, trusting relationships with our members of Congress. Building these relationships takes commitment, courage, persistence, knowledge, skills, and support. Our support system at the group, regional, and national levels must provide our activists with inspiration, breakthrough coaching, partnership, and regularity.


  1. Tap into grassroots and other leads to expand in to 5 new states and 35 new Congressional districts. New district coverage will come from existing chapters expanding to cover new districts, and coverage generated through the creation of a National “Free Agent” chapter for effective individual activists.
  2. Use the RESULTS International Conference as an opportunity to build the RESULTS activist base.

  3. Train activists to identify and cultivate grasstops champion in their communities. Our goal is to eventually have at least one grasstops champion for each issue in each group.

  4. Ensure that all Regional Coordinators possess "breakthrough" coaching skills. Also, provide breakthrough coaching training to at least half of the Group Leaders.



  5. Assist groups to build a local support structure that provides prospective, new, and existing activists with coaching and support they need to initiate and persist in their advocacy to end poverty. Efforts will focus on shoring up group meeting structures, building and supporting local action networks, and tapping into new on-ramp tools like Introduction to RESULTS calls, New Activist Orientation, and National Outreach events.

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