The Global Partnership for Education

Supporting the Global Partnership for Education

Education is the opportunity every parent wants for their child and every child wants for building a brighter future. International law and basic sense say that it’s every child’s right. Around the world, millions of children are still out of primary school and nearly 40 percent of the world's children of primary school age fail to acquire even basic literacy and numeracy skills. Since 2011, the U.S. government has made increasing annual investments in the Global Partnership for Education, helping drive its success. As the Global Partnership kicks off its fundraising drive for this ambitious new plan, it’s time for leadership, not retreat, from our elected officials. Now is no time to turn our back on the world’s most vulnerable children.

Why the Global Partnership for Education?

The Global Partnership supports quality education for millions of children in poor and conflict-affected countries. Its unique model brings together diverse partners including international donors, representatives from the private sector, and community groups to create a single national education plan. These plans identify the biggest challenges to achieving quality education for all and how to address them, from teacher training to building schools. Donors and the developing country government can then effectively coordinate their funds around reaching these goals, leading to the biggest impact for children. Thanks to the Global Partnership's model, countries like Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are now implementing their first-ever national education plans.

"Education is the right of every girl, every human being. I am proud to be a champion of the Global Partnership for Education. I hope world leaders will pass their own test and resolve to keep their promises every day, in every country, in every classroom."

- Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, cofounder of the Malala Fund

The Global Partnership for Education is the only organization of its kind dedicated exclusively to education in the world’s lowest-income and most fragile countries. GPE works collaboratively and strategically across key stakeholders. The overwhelming share of investment in education for vulnerable children comes from governments in lower-income countries themselves. Donor financing helps bridge critical remaining gaps. 

U.S. Leadership is Vital

Now education funding could be on the chopping block. Earlier this spring, the White House released a shortsighted budget proposal that would cut U.S. support for the fight against global poverty. This includes education, which could be targeted for especially steep cuts. This proposal has been widely condemned by advocates, military leaders, the faith community, and members of Congress from both parties. The opportunity this year with GPE calls for leadership from our elected officials, not retreat. RESULTS and our network of committed advocates continue to push for greater investment in the Global Partnership for Education. We believe that education opens doors and that all children, regardless of where they are born, deserve the opportunity to realize their full potential.





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