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Policy debates about poverty rarely include the voices of those who have actually experienced it. The Experts on Poverty come together to advocate directly with members of Congress, publish media, and mobilize their communities to push for change. With their powerful platform, the Experts influence policy on Capitol Hill while also challenging harmful misconceptions about people who live in poverty.

Who are the Experts on Poverty?

The Experts are a diverse team of advocates from all across the country. They use their firsthand experience of poverty to push for more effective government policies to support low-income Americans. All of the Experts have personal experience with SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), tax credits, or other federal “safety net” programs that help millions of Americans make ends meet. 


“The Experts on Poverty program is like a family, and we have support and guidance from the RESULTS team, who are equipping us with information and support to use our voices in the best possible way. The platform we have now through the Experts group is phenomenal.”

Maxine Thomas, Indianapolis

Read Maxine’s op-ed in the Hill

“RESULTS is the first organization that asked me to tell my story. My passions are embedded in the work of being an effective advocate. My father and grandfather initially inspired me to become an advocate, but the children of New Orleans & Baton Rouge, Louisiana are my true inspiration to stand up and effectively and innovatively provide the platform for them to do the same.”

Qiana Torregano, New Orleans

“Instead of just thinking to myself that certain policies have to change, I know that together we can actually change them. That’s what we do at RESULTS.”

– Kali Daugherty, Milwaukee


“In order for my community to become a safer and a more supportive environment, I must be the catalyst for that change. I love being able to say, ‘Congress works for me.’ I know my voice matters. It's important to share with my elected officials and let them know that I am worth listening to and that I can make change.”

– Sharvonne Williams, Indianapolis


“I have been able to use my voice and my story to inspire other struggling single mothers to believe that it's possible to succeed. With all our voices together, we will make ourselves heard.”

– Asia Bijan Thompson, North Brunswick

What they do

The Experts take their experiences directly to lawmakers, speak at conferences and political events across the country, appear on the radio, and publish opinion pieces in local and national media. The Experts are part of the larger RESULTS movement of advocates using their voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty.

The Experts also attend the annual RESULTS International Conference in Washington, DC, where they lead panel discussions, speak out about their experiences, and meet directly with their representatives on Capitol Hill.

Why it matters

In the United States today, one in seven people live in poverty. That is staggering, but the number would be twice as high without federal anti-poverty programs. Yet, too often, these programs come under political threat. When making decisions about funding and policy, lawmakers rarely seek the opinion of those who understand the reality of poverty — people who know what it’s like to work hard but still struggle to pay for groceries, rent and other necessities.

By raising their voices and engaging lawmakers and their communities, the Experts on Poverty demonstrate why these crucial programs must be strengthened instead of diminished. In the process, they bridge the divide between those who make policy and those who are most impacted by it.

Learn More

To learn more about this project, or to share your own story, please contact Meredith Dodson at [email protected]