Boston Group Page

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has RESULTS! Like to find out more? Contact the Global Group leader, Cynthia Tschampl. Want to focus on ending poverty in the U.S.? Please contact New England Grassroots organizer Jenny Martin. Jenny is helping to bring together a RESULTS U.S. Poverty chapter in your area of Boston. To find out more, contact Jenny at [email protected] , call 413-772-9596, or go to the Facebook page,


Once a month, RESULTS groups around the country join a national conference call with hundreds of other volunteers to be trained about issues, to practice our skills, and to commit to action in the following month. We then communicate directly to our elected officials by sending them letters and by meeting with our members of Congress and their staff face-to-face. We also generate media and organize events in our communities.

The best way to get a feel for RESULTS and how we impact the world is by seeing us in action-come to a meeting near you and get involved locally.


Click here to learn the chapter Basics: who we are and how we work!