Videos Bring Dynamic Speakers to Your Event - Here’s how!

Cindy Levin and Jen DeFranco
August 09, 2013

How do you bring in a spectacular presentation for event attendees without the expense and coordination of travel and accommodations? Why not bring them in virtually!

Did you know that there are video presentations already developed that you could utilize in lieu of an actual speaker? That’s right! They are simply sitting there waiting to be shown to groups across the country!

What is the benefit to showing a video over flying in a speaker to do the presentation, you ask? Here are the top 3 reasons it might work well for your event:

  1. You don’t have to work around the speakers schedule to plan your event. You can plan it when you want, where you want (as long as you have AV capabilities), and there is no speaker coordination involved.
  2. You can bring in high-level speakers to a group of any size! Your guests can be addressed by Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus or actress Valerie Harper, speaking right in your living room.
  3. It decreases your overall expenses when you don’t have to pay for flights or lodging for speakers who come to your event in person — in turn allowing more to go toward RESULTS Educational Fund as donations, not overhead.

Great videos are already available for events are at your disposal to use. We have addresses by the following individuals that might fit perfectly into your event plans:

RESULTS focused speaker videos include:

All of the videos are all online to access at your convenience. Still need more help deciding which one to use? Contact your RESULTS fundraising events team to get more info! Cindy Levin ([email protected]) and Jen DeFranco ([email protected]) are ready to help you set up an amazing event with a dynamic speaker while keeping your costs down through video — just let us know how we can help.