Summary of 2007 Successes

Creating Powerful RESULTS

For over 27 years, RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund (REF) have been a leading force in ending poverty worldwide by identifying and advocating for effective solutions to the causes of poverty, and by increasing congressional support and funding for these solutions through powerful citizen action.

Highlights of our 2007 campaigns include:

Empowering Citizens — Democracy in Action

  • Grassroots advocates in 100 RESULTS chapters took our campaigns public with:
    • 136 face-to-face meetings with U.S. representatives
    • 36 face-to-face meetings with U.S. senators
    • Over 400 educational community outreach events nationwide
    • 45 editorials and 296 other strategic media placements, including op-eds, articles, letters to the editor, and radio and TV spots
  • Our grassroots support and expansion team started 21 new grassroots chapters in 2007, and engaged more young activists and people of faith than ever before.

Health Care for All

  • RESULTS generated massive support among the public, press, and Congress for expanding the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to reach 10 million children. Despite strong bipartisan support, the president twice vetoed this legislation.
    • Ensuring health care for all Americans by 2010 is a RESULTS’ priority.
  • Congress approved the largest-ever annual increase in funding for global TB control (to $162 million total) and for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria for 2008 (to $840.5 million).
    • RESULTS is also supporting the Stop TB Now Act, which will help cut TB deaths and disease in half in the next decade.

Education for All

  • Congress continued its dramatic scale-up in funding for basic education for developing countries, allocating $694 million for 2008, up from $103 million in 2001.
    • RESULTS is helping to oversee and shape these and other foreign aid funds.
  • The president signed a Head Start bill that increases funding for Early Head Start, maintains federal-to-local oversight, and suspends standardized testing, key victories for RESULTS and our allies.
    • Investing in young children is sound policy and has been a RESULTS’ priority for years.

Economic Opportunity

  • Congress approved an overdue increase in the minimum wage, thanks to the momentum built by RESULTS in collaboration with numerous coalition partners.
  • To expand the reach of microcredit loans to the world’s poorest, REF helped orchestrate a meeting between the World Bank president and 29 members of Congress, and a media conference call with Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, to address the Bank’s inadequate investment in microfinance.
    • Ensuring that this dialogue with the World Bank translates into action is a REF imperative.
  • To help low-income people build assets by matching savings, RESULTS built bipartisan support (with over 100 cosponsors in Congress) to expand Individual Development Accounts.