Our Board


Kul Gautam
Former Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF


Executive Committee

Joanne Carter
Ex Officio
Executive Director, RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund

Sam Daley-Harris
Founder, RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund

Ernie Loevinsohn
Issues Committee Chair
Executive Director, Fund for Global Health

Maxine Thomas
Grassroots Board Member

Jan Twombly
Finance and Audit Committee Chair

President, The Rhythm of Business

Qiana Torregano
Grassroots Board Member

Steven McGee
Grassroots Board Member

Willie Dickerson
Grassroots Board Member


Board of Directors Members

Pankaj Agarwal
Managing Director, ReCubed Consulting

Valerie Harper

Roger Hudson
Fundraising Committee Chair

Scott Leckman
M.D., F.A.C.S.

Marianne Williamson
Author and Lecturer
Founding Member of RESULTS Council of Advisors

Marian Wright Edelman
President, Children's Defense Fund

Professor Muhammad Yunus
Founder, Grameen Bank

Ashish Bali
Adviser and Consultant

All Board members are independent, voting members except for our executive director, Joanne Carter, a non-voting member and employee of RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund.

Board Documents

Board of Directors Guidebook

Bylaws of RESULTS, Inc.

Meeting Minutes