2017 Actions and Successes

2017 presented enormous challenges, but RESULTS volunteers didn’t let anything stop them. They stood up and fought for what’s right – and their efforts paid off.

  • RESULTS kicked off 2017 with the First 100 Days Campaign, which challenged our volunteer advocates to meet with their members of Congress in every corner of the country --- from Omaha to Albuquerque, Fargo to Louisville --- to help set the upcoming agenda for the new Congress and administration. RESULTS advocates swung into high gear, securing 100 face-to-face meetings with members of Congress, and 200 more with congressional aides. On top of that, they published 300 pieces of media in just four short months!
  • When the White House budget proposal threatened to drastically cut critical anti-poverty programs around the world, RESULTS volunteers pushed back. Not only did the draconian cuts fail in Congress, but key programs – including ones that help kids go to school and people get treatment for tuberculosis – actually saw increases in funding.
  • When Medicaid was under dire threat, RESULTS volunteers fought back with more 250 pieces of media, hundreds of meetings with Congress, and thousands of calls, letters, and emails. Their work paid off -- the plan to gut Medicaid failed in the Senate.
  • After years of persistent efforts by RESULTS volunteers and partners around the country, the READ Act was signed into law! The READ Act will ensure that U.S. investments in global basic education are having the greatest impact, while also advancing quality education services for children affected by conflict and emergencies. 
  • RESULTS volunteers all across the country worked hard to ensure that the U.S. government threw its support behind a plan to give 25 million more children the quality education they deserve through the Global Partnership for Education.
  • With more than 800 pieces of media published all across the country and over 800 meetings with members of Congress, RESULTS advocates broke records in 2017!
  • From an op-ed in The Washington Post to an intensive storytelling workshop with The Moth in New York City, RESULTS’ Experts on Poverty continued raising their voices and influencing policy discussions at the highest levels.
  • The Right to Education Index continued its groundbreaking work around the world. Each of RTEI’s five advocacy partners – organizations in Honduras, Indonesia, Palestine, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe — began working on projects ranging from abolishing corporal punishment in schools to promoting education for girls and children with disabilities.
  • ACTION, our global health advocacy partnership, published a landmark report called Progress in Peril? The Changing Landscape of Global Health Financing, examining the risk many low-income countries face as funding for key health programs is poised to end in the next five years.
  • An innovative new report, produced by RESULTS in collaboration with Uplift, provided a data-driven analysis of what defines ultra-poverty, a look at where it’s most concentrated, and a multi-sector roadmap for ending it by 2030.