2015 Actions and Successes

RESULTS celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2015 and we were busier than ever raising our voices to end poverty.

Change on Capitol Hill, across the country, and around the world:

  • We kicked off the year by securing a landmark commitment from the U.S. government to support increased access to vaccines in the world’s poorest countries. With our ACTION partners worldwide, we helped Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, exceed its global goal of $7.5 billion to support developing countries to immunize 300 million children and save over 5 million lives.
  • Through 225 meetings with members of Congress and 145 media pieces over the past two years, RESULTS volunteers played a key role in Congress finally making permanent crucial provisions of pro-work tax credits that raise roughly 16 million people, including up to 8 million children, above or closer to the poverty line. This is one of the biggest anti-poverty legislative victories in twenty years.
  • Our volunteers pushed Congress hard during the appropriations process — and it worked. We reversed a total of $495 million in proposed cuts to global poverty focused programs and increased funding for these programs by $70 million.
  • RESULTS helped craft the Reach Every Mother and Child Act of 2015. This bipartisan legislation would put the U.S. on track to help end preventable maternal and child deaths globally, and ensure key reforms so every dollar we invest has greater impact. RESULTS volunteers moved dozens of members of the House and Senate from both parties to support the landmark legislation.

Cutting-edge advocacy:                                       

  • Our volunteers had their most successful media year in over a decade, securing over 500 media pieces from coast-to-coast. From NPR to The New York Times to The Hill, they raised their voices for change.
  • RESULTS launched Experts on Poverty, a new initiative to support and mentor volunteer advocates with firsthand knowledge of federal nutrition programs. They are working together to move members of Congress, journalists, and their communities into action.
  • RESULTS helped organize Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai’s very first visit to Capitol Hill.
  • We held our biggest International Conference ever, with 535 attendees from 23 countries.
  • We launched our Election Fellow program in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. Our fellows have been busy attending a flurry of presidential campaign rallies and town hall meetings, getting major candidates to make commitments to both early childhood development and the global fight against AIDS and TB.

A growing global movement:

  • We piloted a new global Right to Education Index (RTEI) and are working with partners in Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, the Philippines and Chile to make sure that children everywhere have the right to education.
  •  The 2015 State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report made the case for scaling up six proven financial inclusion strategies to support hundreds of millions of extremely poor people as they move out of poverty.
  • Our network of passionate, committed everyday people across five continents officially welcomed RESULTS Korea to our movement.