2014 Actions and Successes

In 2014 RESULTS advocates helped move our country and world closer to a future where everyone has access to health, education, and economic opportunity. Check out our 2014 Annual Report.

Here are a few of our major successes:

  • Publishing almost 200 pieces of media, organizing communities nationwide, and mobilizing over a quarter of Congress, our volunteers helped pushed the Obama Administration to make a landmark commitment to support poor countries increasing access to vaccines. With our ACTION partners worldwide, we helped Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, exceed its global goal of $7.5 billion to save over 5 million lives.
  • We launched a multiyear advocacy campaign to create true economic mobility in the United States. Our volunteers more than doubled their average annual number of face-to-face advocacy meetings on U.S. poverty issues, pressuring Congress to protect the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC), which are our country’s most successful anti-poverty programs for children.
  • Our REAL Change Fellowship brought together 100 young leaders for a year’s worth of training and hands-on experience in advocacy, organizing, and media. Hailing from every corner of the country, these young adults secured more than 300 congressional advocacy meetings, published dozens of pieces of media, and organized hundreds of advocates nationwide.
  • Following months of congressional pressure from RESULTS advocates, coast-to-coast media, and high-level advocacy with the Administration, the United States more than doubled its historical annual commitment to the Global Partnership for Education, which will help support education for millions of children in poor and conflict-affected countries.
  • A series of new RESULTS reports pushed for increased investments and smarter policies on the range of our issues:

Greater Impact Through Partnership: 8 reasons to invest in the Global Partnership for Education now more than ever

Resilience: The State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report, 2014

Following The Funding: Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance Scorecard

From Rhetoric to Reality: An Analysis of Efforts to Scale Up The Response to TB-HIV

Passionate, committed volunteers are at the heart of all our successes. Who are these everyday heroes? Meet Bob in the New York Times, Tarkpor on NPR, and PaHoua on the RESULTS blog.