2013 Actions and Successes

Global Poverty Campaigns:

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

Working with a coalition of partners to secure a robust U.S. commitment to the Global Fund, RESULTS engaged congressional and other high-level champions, organized patient-advocate tours, and launched a national media campaign. Grassroots media work produced 34 letters to the editor, 23 op-eds, and 14 editorials spread through every region of the country. President Obama personally committed up to $5 billion for the Global Fund, and urged other countries to do more, saying “Don’t leave our money on the table.” Congress approved $1.65 billion for the Global Fund in FY14, keeping the U.S. on track to meet its pledge. RESULTS supported this appropriation by helping garner signatures for a congressional letter with 101 signers.


As the House and Senate worked to pass the PEPFAR Stewardship and Oversight Act, RESULTS worked quickly with Congress and our grassroots advocates to strengthen the TB-HIV reporting requirements in the bill. The legislation, signed into law by President Obama in December, contains the strongest TB-HIV reporting requirements to date. RESULTS also worked closely with the Appropriations Committees and congressional champions to reverse a proposed cut to bilateral TB programs.


Following congressional pressure and high-level engagement with USAID before the June Nutrition for Growth Summit, the U.S. government produced a comprehensive baseline of nutrition funding – the first of its kind – and committed to develop a comprehensive nutrition strategy. Congress responded to a strong push for nutrition investments by providing a 20 percent increase in nutrition funding in FY14. RESULTS grassroots helped secure the signatures of 17 Senators and 81 Representatives, including 14 Republican members, on congressional letters to President Obama in support of increased U.S. leadership. The grassroots also generated over 50 pieces of media.

Education for All

Laying the groundwork for a 2014 campaign to replenish the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), RESULTS worked closely with congressional champions on the Education for All Act, which includes language supporting GPE. To build public support for GPE, RESULTS organized and hosted a six-city speaker tour with Kenyan education advocate Janet Muthoni-Ouko. Building on field research in four African countries in 2012, RESULTS also produced a series of three discussion papers monitoring and analyzing the 2011 U.S. pledge to GPE.


The April 2013 ceremony to award Professor Muhammad Yunus the Congressional Gold Medal was a culmination of years of RESULTS work building political support for microfinance for the very poor and for Grameen Bank. Professor Yunus acknowledged RESULTS advocacy during the ceremony, which was attended by the Democratic and Republican leadership of the House and Senate. Later that year, RESULTS helped secure statements in support of Grameen Bank from several members of Congress, and facilitated the publication of open letters in the Washington Post and International Herald Tribune from members of Congress and world leaders in support of Grameen.

U.S. Poverty Campaigns:


For four decades, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, historically known as Food Stamps) has been the United States’ first line of defense against hunger. In 2013, RESULTS volunteers played a critical role in pushing back on proposals that would have gutted SNAP and removed millions from the program. The 2013 House Budget Resolution proposed a $130 billion cut from the SNAP program, and the House of Representatives passed a $40 billion cut to SNAP in September that would have kicked over 4 million people off the program. RESULTS advocates met face-to-face with 83 members of Congress and discussed SNAP with hundreds of congressional staff. Volunteers generated 143 media pieces demonstrating broad support for SNAP as well. While the final legislation unfortunately included a cut of $8.6 billion, RESULTS worked with key House and Senate leaders to successfully reduce cuts and remove harmful provisions

Economic Opportunity

In January 2013, Congress passed the “fiscal cliff” deal extending the 2009 improvements to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit for another five years. Many believed that Congress would seek another deficit reduction “grand bargain” or attempt to enact comprehensive tax reform in 2013, which would put these credits at risk once again. Many RESULTS volunteers engaged with their congressional offices on ways to create economic opportunity through tax reform. Hundreds of RESULTS advocates and allies met with dozens of Senators and over 200 House offices to discuss tax reform priorities, including with key members of tax-writing committees and their staffs. Ultimately, Congress did not move forward on comprehensive tax reform in 2013, but RESULTS continues to lay the groundwork for future chances to help create economic opportunity through tax policy.