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If you are attending an event, doing a presentation, or tabling at a conference, please feel free to download and edit these resources to use for trainings, presentations, and outreach in your community.

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U.S. Poverty Monthly Actions

2018 Actions

March 2018

Set Up Face-to-Face Meetings to Protect SNAP and Medicaid                 

February 2018

Make a Difference with #LettersGetLOUD                 

January 2018

Plan for Success in 2018 and Make Your First Meeting Requests                 


2017 Actions

2016 Actions

2015 Actions

2014 Actions

2013 Actions

  • December 2013: Set Up Face-to-Face Meetings with Members of Congress to Start 2014 Right
  • November 2013: Strategic Follow Up to Protect SNAP (Food Stamps) in Final Farm Bill

  • October 2013: Generate Editorials and Op-Eds about Protecting SNAP

  • September 2013: Mobilizing Others to Protect and Strengthen SNAP

  • August 2013: Use the August Recess to Get Face Time with Lawmakers

  • July 2013: Set Up Face-to-Face Meetings with Members of Congress

  • June 2013: Use the Media to Protect Hungry Children and Families

  • May 2013: Tell Congress to Oppose Cuts to SNAP in the Farm Bill

  • April 2013: Tell Congress to Protect and Strengthen Tax Credits for Working Families

  • March 2013: Tell Congress to Protect Hungry Families

  • February 2013: Generate Media on How Budget Decisions Impact Children and Families

  • January 2013: Set Up Face-to-Face Meetings with Members of Congress

2012 Actions

  • December 2012: Tell Congress to Protect the EITC and CTC
  • November 2012: Call Tax Aides about Protecting the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit

  • October 2012: Schedule an Outreach Event to Strengthen and Grow Your Local RESULTS Group

  • September 2012: Use New Poverty Data to Generate Media Protecting Low-Income Americans from Harmful Budget Cuts

  • August 2012: Make the Most of the August Recess to Protect the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit

  • July 2012: Follow Up with Congress about the Benefits of the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit

  • June 2012: Write Members of Congress Urging Them to Extend EITC and CTC Improvements

  • May 2012: Use the Media to Urge Lawmakers to Oppose Radical Budget Cuts

  • April 2012: Do Outreach in Your Community around Education for All

  • March 2012: Urge Congress to Protect Head Start and Child Care Services

  • February 2012: Set Up Face-to-Face Meetings with Members of Congress

  • January 2012: Create a Bold and Inspiring RESULTS Group Plan for 2012

2011 Actions

2010 Actions

  • December 2010: Make Final Push for the EITC and CTC and Start Preparing for the New Congress
  • November 2010: Greet the Lame Duck Congress with Letters Supporting EITC and CTC
  • October 2010: Urge Congress to Pass Child Nutrition Funding Without Cutting SNAP (Food Stamp) Benefits
  • September 2010: Set Up "Virtual" Lobby Visits with Congress on Tax Credits
  • August 2010: Generate Media for Working Families
  • July 2010: Create Champions for Protecting the EITC and CTC
  • June 2010: Discuss the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit in Face-to-Face Meetings
  • May 2010: Understanding the Local Impact of the Child and Earned Income Tax Credits
  • April 2010: Low-income Tax Credits Help Families Stay Out of Poverty
  • March 2010: Urge Congress to Pass Health Care Reform (Media Action)
  • February 2010: Health Reform and Low-Income Tax Credits are Key to Economic Recovery
  • January 2010: Final Health Care Bill Must Increase Access to Health Care

2009 Actions

  • December 2009: Use Traditional and “New” Media to Push for Strong Health Reform
  • November 2009: Mobilizing to Meet the Health Needs of Low-Income Americans
  • October 2009: Continue to Set Up Conference Calls with Congressional Staff on Expanding Medicaid
  • September 2009: Arrange Conference Calls with Senate Staff to Discuss Expanding Medicaid
  • August 2009: Schedule Meetings and Attend Public Events to Show Support for Bold Action on Health Reform
  • July 2009: Generate Media in Support of Health Care for All
  • June 2009: Join Nationwide Push for Health Care for All
  • May 2009: Urge Congress to Incorporate Strengthening Medicaid into Health Reform Legislation
  • April 2009: Urge Congress to Incorporate Community Health Centers Expansion into Health Reform Legislation

For older RESULTS U.S. Monthly Actions, please see or join the RESULTS Listserv at http://groups.google.com/group/results-L.