U.S. Poverty Laser Talk: Protect Medicaid

Engage: As an anti-poverty advocate, I am alarmed about proposed changes to Medicaid.

Problem: Block granting or capping Medicaid spending would result in lost coverage, rationed benefits, and end the program as we know it.

Illustrate or Inform: The House health bill would harm tens of millions of children in low-income families, seniors, people with disabilities, and others who rely on Medicaid. It would end the programs as we know it, shift billions in cost to the states, and cause 14 million Medicaid patients to lose health coverage. We are counting on the senator to reject any proposal that guts the core Medicaid program and effectively ends the Medicaid expansion.  [If you have a personal story, please share it!]

Call to Action: Will you tell Senate leadership that you oppose ANY legislation that cuts or restructures Medicaid, ends the Medicaid expansion, or takes away health coverage for millions of Americans?

What Is a Laser Talk?

A laser talk serves as a useful starting point for your advocacy work, whether as a talking points during a town hall meeting or as a primer for face-to-face meetings with candidates and elected officials. Follow up with more information and evidence supporting your points. And of course, adapt a laser talk to reflect your own experiences and why you care about the issue! For more on how to create your own laser talk, see the RESULTS Activist Toolkit: Create and Deliver Your EPIC Laser Talk.