RESULTS Webinar: Poverty and the Election, What’s Next?

The 2016 election provides you a great opportunity to grow your local RESULTS group and broaden our influence on issues of poverty. People are more politically engaged and want their vote to mean something even after the election. You can provide that by introducing them to RESULTS. Each new person we add to the RESULTS family brings us that much closer to realizing a world without poverty.

Outreach is also an important part of RESULTS’ success. It is more than likely that you came to RESULTS because of some kind of outreach – a group start meeting, a one-on-one conversation, a RESULTS Intro Call, or our website. Think of the actions you’ve taken, successes you’ve had, and people you’ve influenced by being a part of RESULTS. Why not give others the opportunity to experience that.

Across the country, RESULTS groups hosted houseparties geared so that both experienced volunteers and people brand new to RESULTS could come together to create a stronger voice for the end of poverty. The webinar was a great success. Below are resources to review what was discussed:

Promotional and Supporting Materials