Joint Domestic and Global Laser Talk June 2011

Scheduling a Face-to-Face Meeting With Your Member of Congress During Recesses

Hello! My name is __________, and I am a constituent from ________. I’m calling to schedule a meeting with Congresswoman _________ here in the local district office.

I volunteer with RESULTS, a grassroots advocacy group with activists in about 100 communities here in the U.S.; our focus is ending hunger and the worst aspects of poverty. My RESULTS group has been working with the congresswoman’s aide, ____________, in DC for a period of time on the issues of __________, and I would appreciate the chance to speak with the congresswoman herself while she's here in the district.

This has been a particularly tough year in the fight to keep the poorest among us from being hurt even further by budget cuts, and I know the congresswoman is very interested in (related issue to which the member of Congress is sympathetic). We’re grateful for the way she has shown leadership on this issue.

We have an opportunity for the congresswoman to speak out on (name of bill, sign-on letter, etc. related to the MoC’s and RESULTS’ mutual interest), and I’d like to discuss that opportunity. I have background materials on the issue, and I can also discuss how I and my RESULTS group can back up the congresswoman’s voice on this matter by creating positive media support.

As I mentioned, I’d like to schedule a face-to-face meeting with the congresswoman, and perhaps we could conference in the DC aide with whom we’ve been working. I’m happy to take any next steps needed and will plan to follow up with your office as necessary.