Global Weekly Update — January 22, 2008

The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace, and brotherhood.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

NEW In This Week’s Update

Priority Actions

1. House letter to the World Bank extended to Monday, January 28.

Media Action and Opportunities

1. Editorial packet on UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children Report

“Have you heard?”

1. ACTION project Update

2. Microcredit Summit Campaign Update

3. UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children Report 2008: Child Survival

4. Google video on Ingrid Munro by RESULTS partner Scott Swearingen.

Grassroots Actions and Opportunities

1. Share stories of your meetings with members of Congress with the grassroots.

2. Now that I’ve generated media, what do I do with it?

3. Closing out 2007 Benchmark Reports from groups this week.

Priority Legislative Actions: Do These First This Week

1. House and Senate World Bank letters: Urge senators and representatives to sign their respective letters to World Bank President Zoellick on microfinance for the very poor. If they are already signers, ask them to enlist other members of Congress. For background and who to contact to sign on, please review the January Action Sheet.

House: Letter closes on Monday, January 28. During the October congressional meeting with World Bank President Zoellick, members of Congress raised critical points on the need to increase the Bank’s investment in microfinance for the very poor. In response to Mr. Zoellick’s comments, Rep. Holt (D-NJ) and Rep. Carter (R-TX) have initiated a follow-up letter to Mr. Zoellick. Please urge your representatives to (1) read this letter to better understand some of the key issues surrounding this debate, and (2) please sign the letter to demonstrate to Mr. Zoellick that Congress will not be satisfied with a single meeting, but demands continued dialogue with Mr. Zoellick and most important, a change in Bank policies.

See also the July 2007 Holt-Carter letter and the list of members who attended the October meeting.

Current signers (as of 01/22/08): Holt (D-NJ), Carter (R-TX), Moran (D-VA), Hastings (D-FL), James McGovern (D-MA), Matheson (D-UT), Steve Cohen (D-TN), Baldwin (D-WI), Honda (D-CA), Bordallo (D-GU), Gonzalez (D-TX), Ros-Lehtinen (Ranking Member) (R-FL), Rohrabacher (R-CA), Inslee (D-WA), McDermott (D-WA), Rothman (D-NJ), Harman (D-CA), Waxman (D-CA), Capps (D-CA), Payne (D-NJ), Walberg (R-MI), Conyers (D-MI), Sullivan (R-OK), Kildee (D-MI), Wilson (R-NM).

Senate: Senators Bennett (R-UT), Durbin (D-IL), Enzi (R-WY), and Brown (D-OH) have initiated a “Dear Colleague” letter (PDF) calling on World Bank President Zoellick to meet with the Senate to discuss why the Bank is not increasing its focus on providing the poorest with greater access to microfinance. Although the closing date has been extended to a still-to-be-announced date, please continue to ask your senators to sign this important letter as soon as possible.( News Flash Jan. 24: The letter closes Friday, June 25, and it will stay open for signatures until Monday, June 28.)

Current Senate signers (as of 01/22/08): Four Lead Signers: Bennett (R-UT), Durbin (D-IL), Enzi (R-WY), Brown (D-OH), and Murkowski (R-AK) and Lieberman (I-CT).

Signers of the October 2005 Senate World Bank letter: Bennett, Bingaman, Boxer, Cantwell, Coburn, Coleman, Cornyn, Corzine, Dayton, DeWine, Dole, Domenici, Durbin, Feinstein, Inhofe, Inouye, Jeffords, Kohl, Lautenberg, Levin, Martinez, Murray, Nelson (FL), Reed (RI), Salazar, Santorum, Sarbanes, Smith, Stabenow, Stevens.

2. Schedule February recess meetings. Congress will recess February 16–24 and March 15–30. To increase your chances of meeting face-to-face with your representative and senators, call now to schedule your meetings. Review our 2008 global campaigns for possible meeting topics.

Remember, our goal is to inspire our members to become real champions — meeting directly with them is key! Use Activist Milestone # 9 to guide you and a link to a sample letter to fax in after you speak with the scheduler. When calling to schedule the meeting, here are some key phrases to use:

“We want to speak to Representative/Senator ____ about his/her leadership on global poverty in 2008, and specifically to discuss opportunities to combat global poverty and disease. We know the Representative/Senator has been interested in ______ [insert a global poverty issue] and also want to make sure he/she will ensure that adequate resources are dedicated to these issues in 2008.”

Once you schedule a meeting, contact the RESULTS legislative team for help tailoring your asks.

Secondary Legislative Actions: Do These Next

3. Stop TB Now Act: Keep building support.

Please keep asking your senators to cosponsor the Stop TB Now Act (S.968). To move this bill, it is important to build support for its passage. Our fact sheet has info on how to cosponsor.

4. Build support for the Child Survival Act.

The lead sponsors of the Child Survival Act (H.R.2266, S.1418) are trying to get the bill on the agendas of the Senate Foreign Relations and the House Foreign Affairs committees. Please continue to press your senators and representatives to cosponsor the bill, especially if they are Republicans on the committees. This is a great topic for Education and Action meetings. The November Action Sheet has info on how to cosponsor.

5. Building Support for the Domestic TB Bill.

If your members of Congress have indicated that they will support the global TB bill (either by cosponsoring or promising to support it on the floor), your next step is to ask them to support the domestic bill — the Comprehensive TB Elimination Act. Our fact sheet has info on how to cosponsor.

6. Global Poverty Act now in the Senate.

Senators Obama (D-IL), Hagel (R-NE), and Cantwell (D-WA) introduced their version of the Global Poverty Act (S.2433). The House easily passed the Global Poverty Act. Our fact sheet has info on how to cosponsor.

Legislative Loop

Review final fiscal year 2008 funding levels: 2007 Global Campaigns Summary

Media Actions and Opportunities

1. Editorial packet on UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children Report.

UNICEF has released its annual report on child survival, and RESULTS is working with them to spread the word to the media. The report states that although deaths of children under five have fallen below 10 million for the first time in recent history, millions of children still die from largely preventable causes each day, and most poor countries are off-track in reaching the fourth Millennium Development Goal on child survival. RESULTS has put together an editorial packet in conjunction with Global Action for Children that includes messages and actions supporting child survival.

2. Continue microcredit push in light of Yunus’ new book and events in Kenya.

Following on the release of the State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report 2007, opportunities for media outreach in 2008 will include a U.S. book tour by Muhammad Yunus and an anticipated follow-up meeting between members of Congress and Robert Zoellick in the early part of this year.

The current political crisis in Kenya also provides a news hook for emphasizing the importance of microcredit, as the poorest areas have been the most impacted by the violence, and it will be microfinance institutions like Jamii Bora that will help these people regain their businesses and their lives. An updated editorial packet is now available on the website.

3. Introduce yourselves to local press with our 2008 campaigns.

In conjunction with the announcement of our 2008 campaigns, we’re working on an informational packet and press release to circulate to your local editors. This is a good way to introduce yourselves to local press, re-establish a connection, or just provide an excuse to catch up with a journalist with whom you already have a relationship. Let them know what we’re working, and emphasize your group’s role as a valuable source of information for the coming year.

Help from Communications Officer Robyn Shepherd! She’s ready to help you with media outreach. Please send her your media clippings/pieces ([email protected]).

Have You Heard?

1. ACTION Project Update: Many Kenyans continue to be affected by the aftermath of last month’s elections. In addition to the updates from Jamii Bora, we are happy to report that our ACTION partners in Kenya — the Kenya AIDS NGO Coalition (KANCO) — are safe and sound. Mary Njoroge and Lucy Cheshire are also doing well. As testament to their leadership and critical role in addressing TB and HIV issues in Kenya, KANCO has been given a seat on the government’s official response committee on TB and HIV/AIDS. KANCO is working closely with the government and their partners to ensure that the most affected and most vulnerable populations can access quality health services, including TB infection control measures to prevent new TB cases and uninterrupted TB treatment to prevent sickness, death, and drug resistance. We can keep you posted and if you have any questions about the TB situation in Kenya, please feel free to contact Melanie at [email protected].

2. Microcredit Summit Campaign Update: 2008 Institutional Action Plans (IAPs) are now available on the Microcredit Summit Campaign website, The IAPs are the building block of the Campaign, allowing us to measure progress toward our goal of reaching 175 million families with access to credit and other financial services by 2015. For more information on the IAP, please contact Jessica Massie at [email protected].

3. UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children Report 2008: Child Survival. The State of the World’s Children 2008 provides a wide-ranging assessment of the current state of child survival and primary health care for mothers, newborns and children. It examines lessons learned in child health during the past few decades and outlines the most important emerging precepts and strategies for reducing deaths among children under age five and for providing a continuum of care for mothers, newborns and children.

4. View the Google video on Ingrid Munro by RESULTS partner Scott Swearingen.

Grassroots Building and Action

1. Share Your Meeting Stories. Write up your group’s story of meeting with members of Congress and send them to the listserve. If you are not on the listserve, send them to Ken, Allison, or Heather so we can post them. Your stories will spur other groups to get meetings and make them powerful.

2. Now that I’ve generated media, what do I do with it? We generate media to create a buzz — educate the public, expand the public dialogue and influence our decision makers. So generating the media only gets us part way there. To get your media to work for you, do the following:

a) Send a copy to Robyn Shepherd in the office.

b) Send a copy to your Rep. and Senators.

c) Send a copy to people in your community you want to engage in the issue.

d) Send a copy to your partners and encourage them to respond with a letter to the editor.

3. Benchmark Reports — Closing 2007. We want to get all of your achievements and efforts on the books for 2007. Use the 2007 Benchmark Reporting Form or contact your regional coordinator to get any successes or efforts recorded. Ask your RC to tell you which 2007 reports are missing. We want to finalize by January 23 (this week) at the latest.

4. 2008 Group Planning. Materials are ready! Here’s what to do:

a) Set a time to meet with your group.

b) Have each partner/activist fill out the 2008 Individual Planning Form.

c) Share your individual aspirations and intentions with the group.

d) Identify the breakthroughs or major goals for your group in 2008.

e) Plan some of the details as to how you will achieve your breakthroughs or goals (do what you have time to do).

f) Record your plan on the 2008 Group Planning Summary Sheet and share with your partners/activists, your RC and Global grassroots staff, and local community partners.

g) Take action to achieve your goals!

New Group Expansion: How Can You Help?

Global Expansion Strategy. We would like to consider some strategic expansion in 2008, so if you know of any people who might be excited about hosting a group start in the following areas, contact Sam Daley-Harris or Ken Patterson: Birmingham, AL; St. Louis, MO; Lincoln, NE; Pasadena, CA; Long Island, NY; Lexington, KY; anywhere in Tennessee, Montana, Delaware, Louisiana, South Dakota.

Current Global Expansion Efforts: Sam Daley- Harris has hosts in Orange County, CA; San Fernando Valley, CA; Medford/Ashland and is looking for additional folks for the inviting team. Crickett Nicovich is researching contacts in Alabama; starting a group in Baton Rouge, LA; and building groups in Lancaster and Philadelphia, PA. Please send her any contacts you have. Eloise Sutherland is starting a group in Dallas, TX. Please send her any contacts. Ken Patterson is starting a group in Hartford, CT. Please send us any contacts you have.

Domestic Group Expansion. Jos Linn is helping groups in Chicago and Lindsborg KS, on outreach events this week, and the domestic team is working with leads in the following areas to start or build domestic RESULTS groups in early 2008: Tucson, AZ; New Haven, CT; St. Petersburg, FL; Chicago, IL; Battle Creek, MI; Kansas City, MO; Portland, OR; Sioux Falls, SD; Sumner/Tacoma, WA; Portsmouth, VA; Bozeman, MT. Contact Meredith Dodson or Jos Linn with any leads.


Donations Count Toward Giving Challenge Through January 31

The Case Foundation Giving Challenge is still on through the end of January, so make your donation now if you haven’t yet! Remember, it is the number of donations we generate that is most important, so even gifts of $10 in great numbers will help us get a $50,000 grant.

Just go to the RESULTS website homepage and click on the box that says “Take the Giving Challenge.” Wait while the Network for Good donation page loads, then give your gift to the RESULTS Educational Fund. Tell all your local RESULTS supporters about this opportunity and help us raise some exciting funds.

Thanks to your generosity 31 donors have helped us generate $1695 just since this past weekend!

Plan for fundraising in 2008. As you plan for your group’s activism in 2008, please make funding our work part of your plans! At the very minimum make sure everyone in your group is signed up with a $35 annual membership donation. Beyond that, consider doing a house party this year. For a House Party Kit and other ideas, and for support to make sure you are including a request for donations in all your outreach activities, contact Grassroots Fundraising Manager, Gwen Garcelon.

GoodSearch makes us money. RESULTS can earn money when you use GoodSearch as your search engine. Go to GoodSearch, type in RESULTS as your charity, choose RESULTS Educational Fund in Washington DC, and search.

Important Dates

February 9: Global National Conference Call.

February 21: Media Training Call on TB Opportunities. 9 pm ET. Mark your calendars. 800- 917-9796, passcode: 7464947.

March 13: Grassroots Training Call: Storytelling with Communications Professional, Jim Comer. 9 pm ET. 800 917-9796, passcode: 7464947.

March 12–14: Denver microfinance conference

July 12–16: MAKE YOUR PLANS NOW! Dates for the next International Conference.


Grassroots Resources

Recordings available: Download and/or listen to RESULTS training recordings and conference calls on iTunes or on RESULTS Musings.

Basics: Review the 2007 Basics (particularly new people). Contact Ken for a copy of the test. 2008 Basics will come out in February.

Lobby reports: Please fill out RESULTS lobby report forms for all of your meetings with members of Congress. Send copies to Jen Maurer and Ken Patterson.

Action network: Sign people up for the RESULTS Action Network to get weekly updates and other actions. Input the name and contact information; select issues of interest; select “all” for alerts to receive.

Legislative Resources

Legislative links: View the congressional scorecard and bill fact sheets on the Activist Info page of our website and click on RESULTS Legislation for more info on bills we support.

IMF fact sheet. How the IMF constrains health and education investment in poor countries

XDR-TB fact sheet: New Data Warns XDR-TB Increasing at an Alarming Rate.

Global Health Facts.

Domestic TB stats, including TB cases reported in the U.S. in 2006.

Candidates’ positions on poverty from ONE.

Microcredit resources: Ingrid Munro video.

Review the legislative process. Brush up on the budget and authorizing process.

Health Policy Communications Tutorial from Kaiser Family Foundation. A good, quick tutorial on how to work with the media.


Keeping our name consistent

Whenever you are communicating with the media or creating flyers and other public materials, please be sure to capitalize RESULTS, since it is an acronym. It may be confusing for people to see RESULTS as Results, and it also stands out more in print when capitalized, which is an added bonus.

Also please use our streamlined logo, which no longer includes the tag line “the power to end hunger,” since for many years our work has focused on poverty issues as the underlying causes of hunger. It’s important that people see the same logo used on all our materials so we are presenting a professional and recognizable face to the public. It’s also helpful to always include our website ( on any public materials.

Build RESULTS through new media.strong>

RESULTS has an official presence on MySpace, Facebook, Razoo, and Google, with more coming in the near future. Goals of this campaign include: reaching out to new demographics that traditionally are not involved with RESULTS and directing them to the website; bolstering current Domestic and Global Groups; fostering interest in the creation of new groups, specifically on campuses; updating the “friends” on issues, actions, and activities in a more compressed but still effective way.

If you are on any of these sites, please join and invite others: Myspace, Facebook Group, Facebook Cause, Razoo. Our basic 12-minute video about the work of RESULTS, Everyday Heroes, can be found on Google Video and YouTube, and we have a GoogleMap to help people find the closest RESULTS group. In addition, if you have other suggestions for ways we can build our presence online, please contact our fabulous volunteer New Media Associate Dave Ballinger at [email protected].

RESULTS Contact Information

Main Office: (p) (202) 783-7100 (f) (202) 783-2818 •

Main Office Global Legislative Staff: Joanne Carter, x109 or [email protected] • John Fawcett, x107 or [email protected] • Jen Maurer, x130 or [email protected]

Main Office Communications Staff: Robyn Shepherd, x120 or [email protected]

Main Office Administrative/Bookkeeping Staff: x103

Main Office Manager: Cynthia Stancil, x115 or [email protected]

Grassroots Staff: Allison Gallaher [email protected] • Ken Patterson (828) 398-4562 [email protected] • Heather Stein [email protected]

Grassroots Fundraising Support: Gwen Garcelon (970) 963-9182 or [email protected].

Monthly Conference Call-In Number: (800) 474-8920