October 2008: Fundraising: How to talk about RESULTS

Most of us can find something inspiring to say about what RESULTS achieves, as well as talk about what we have gained from RESULTS personally as more powerful activists. What most of us have some difficulty with is getting to the part of the conversation where we actually ask people to consider donating to RESULTS.

The following laser talk is designed to help you get to that part of a conversation when you are talking with someone about RESULTS so you can effectively ask them to consider supporting our work financially. Practice with a partner until you feel comfortable speaking this yourself.

Engage: You will have done this either with your letter and follow up call, or with your invitation and presentation at a house party or in a casual conversation. The person or persons you are talking with will know about RESULTS, and you will know if they are expressing interest or see a clear value in RESULTS for themselves. If they seem interested you can proceed with the following laser talk.

So you will open up this part of the conversation by making the case for why you are asking them to consider funding our work.

Problem: Because of our volunteer network already in place and the key champions in Congress that we have developed historic shifts are possible right now. What we really need is to generate the funding to accomplish them. That’s why I am part of an effort to reach out to people like you who might want to invest in ending poverty.

Illustrate: RESULTS takes individual donations and uses them to support our network of volunteers to push Congress. For example, RESULTS volunteers helped to push through a law that authorizes 48 billion dollars in government funding for AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria control. Controlling these diseases saves lives and allows families to lift themselves out of poverty. That’s just one example of the huge multiplying factor that RESULTS achieves for its donors.

Call to action: Having seen the effectiveness of RESULTS in addressing the root causes of poverty and empowering citizens to bring attention to the solutions, would you consider a donation to expand this work?