May 2008: Asking representatives and senators to support emergency food aid

Introduction: Hi, my name is _______ and I live in the _______ district. I’m a volunteer with RESULTS, an organization working to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty. The global hunger crisis threatens to push 100 million people deeper into poverty. The price of staple foods like wheat, corn, and rice has doubled in the last three years, forcing poor families to cut back.

Engage: Young children are most severely impacted by the lack of nutritious food.

Problem: U.S. food aid is not meeting this challenge. The Government Accountability Office found that for every dollar of food aid we spend in the form of donated grain, $0.65 is spent on shipping and other administrative costs, and only $0.35 on the actual food.

Inform: In the supplemental spending bill Congress is now considering, please ask your leadership to support $1.86 billion for emergency food aid and that at least 25 percent of that aid is provided in the form of flexible cash resources.

Call to Action: Will you support emergency food aid in the FY08 supplemental spending bill and work to get it passed this year?