July 2007: Urge your Members of Congress to cosponsor the Stop TB Now Act of 2007

You are probably aware of the public health concerns that arose when Andrew Speaker flew to Europe for his honeymoon with a drug-resistant form of tuberculosis. His case is a stark reminder of the shameful lack of resources the world has given to fighting tuberculosis.

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is a human-made problem, created when underfunded programs are unable to manage or complete a patient’s TB treatment — about 450,000 people develop multidrug-resistant (or MDR) TB each year and more than 100,000 die from it.

The best way to prevent MDR-TB, and the even more deadly extensively drug resistant TB, is to diagnose and treat all TB cases effectively. The Stop TB Now Act of 2007 commits the United States to full support for the Global Plan to Stop TB. The goals of the Plan include

  • 50 million people treated, including 800,000 patients with MDR-TB
  • new diagnostic tools, new drugs, and a safe and effective TB vaccine
  • 14 million lives saved

Congress needs to pass the Stop TB Now Act and to provide $450 million in the 2008 foreign aid spending bill for global TB efforts. Will Senator ________ cosponsor the Stop TB Now Act? And will he support full funding in the 2008 foreign aid bill?