February 2008: Presenting our 2009 appropriations requests to your member of Congress.

Regarding global poverty, our world is filled with both problems and solutions. For example, 26,500 children die each day of malnutrition and preventable diseases, yet 33 cents worth of oral rehydration salts could combat diarrhea that causes 5,500 of these daily child deaths.

Nearly 1 billion people live on less than $1 per day yet microloans as small as $20 can provide a path out of poverty.

Tuberculosis kills 1.6 million people each year and is becoming even more difficult to stop. Yet it takes about $16 worth of tuberculosis drugs to treat this deadly killer.

Members of the Foreign Operations Subcommittee of Appropriations will soon be making life-altering decisions on 2009 foreign aid spending levels. Will you please write and speak to the chairman and ranking member of that subcommittee and urge them to fund child survival efforts at $1 billion with $100 million going to UNICEF’s innovative and effective Accelerated Child Survival and Development program; to provide $500 million for microfinance with half going to the very poor; and to provide $550 million in the fight against Tuberculosis?

I can provide you details on these and a few other requests.