August 2008: Asking representatives to cosponsor H.Res.1268 on modernizing foreign assistance

Globally, nearly one billion people struggle to survive on less than $1 a day. Nearly half the world attempts to survive on less than $2 a day.

Aiding those living in poverty around the globe is an American value that we express using both our personal and our tax dollars. Foreign assistance is also important to our national security.

But our current foreign assistance efforts do not adequately represent this value as only half of development assistance is focused on reducing poverty.[1]

Our foreign aid program is in need of major reform. Reform efforts should assure that the goal of foreign aid is reducing poverty and that our investment yields measurable, cost-effective results.

Will you cosponsor bipartisan House Resolution 1268? The resolution calls for a reformed foreign aid system that reflects American values on poverty reduction, focuses on outcomes, and operates more efficiently.

[1] Oxfam America. Smart Development: Why US foreign aid demands major reform. February 2008.