April 2009: Urging editorial writers to write about a Global Fund for Education

As the global economy worsens, children suffer the most. Millions miss school because they must help support their families or they can’t afford to go. These children are cheated out of the tools they need to lead healthy, productive lives, and their countries lose out on their future economic productivity.

More than 75 million primary school-aged children do not have access to basic education. If current trends continue, we will not meet Millennium Development Goal #2: universal primary education by 2015.

During his campaign, President Obama pledged $2 billion toward a global education fund to address the education crisis. He must now lead a global effort to create a multilateral Global Education Fund that will (1) coordinate global education efforts and (2) make aid more effective. Investing in education is an economic stimulus that will lead to long-term growth in poor countries.

As someone who realizes how important education has been in your life, would you write an editorial urging President Obama to lead a global effort to create a multilateral Global Fund for Education? I can provide you with more background information.