April 2008: Asking representatives and senators to cosponsor the Education For All Act of 2007

Imagine not being able to read signs or decipher the number of the bus. 72 million primary school-aged children around the world lack access to primary school where they would learn these fundamental skills.

For lack of education, these children will also grow up to have lower incomes and more health problems. Barriers to these children attending school include unaffordable school fees and gender bias against girls. More of their own children will die before age 5.

The Education for All Act* authorizes increased funding for basic education from $1 billion in 2009 to $3 billion in 2012. And it assures that U.S. development aid is invested effectively.

Education offers a real chance for a healthier, stronger future. Will you please cosponsor the bipartisan Education for All Act?

*House: H.R.2092. Senate: S.1259.