Global Laser Talk September 2015

Pitch Your Local Paper About Writing an Editorial on the Reach Act

Hi, this is Veronica McDuffee. I wanted to quickly follow up on my email about healthy kids and the bill before Congress right now. Do you have a second to chat?

On Tuesday, just after I dropped my son off for his first day of school, I came home to see news from UNICEF that there are still eleven kids under 5 dying around the world every single minute. I could barely stand to leave my son behind for the day, and to think of losing him forever is unfathomable.

But right now there’s a new bill in Congress that has a plan to put an end to these kinds of senseless deaths for good – and Senator Risch will play a key role in deciding whether or not it gets passed. It’s called the Reach Every Mother and Child Act.

I know the Statesman’s voice would be hugely influential in pushing Sen. Risch to do the right thing. Do you think this is something you might take up?