Global Laser Talk September 2010

Millennium Development Goals, Media Call

Engage: Ten years ago the world created the Millennium Development Goals with the hope of cutting extreme poverty in half by 2015. Although we are making great progress on the MDGs, 5,700 people still die of AIDS every day and 72 million kids don’t have access to grade school.

Problem: It’s not that we don’t know how to achieve the goals; it’s that we haven’t generated enough political will to achieve them on time. For example, there are countries waiting to implement life-saving programs with funding from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria, but it is unclear if the Global Fund will have enough money to help them.

Inform: In one week, President Obama and world leaders will gather at the Millennium Development Goals Summit to assess progress and next steps to achieve the MDGs. There are concrete, effective things the U.S. can do to help countries achieve the MDGs, including making a multi-year commitment to the Global Fund. In fact over 100 members of Congress have called on President Obama to do just that at the Summit.

Call to Action: Will you please write a piece on the historic MDG Summit, and call on the President to make a pledge to the Global Fund that could save millions of lives in the next five years? I also want to invite you to be part of a journalist call with world-renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University on September 15. The call will provide you with great background information. I can send you some information, on both the summit and the journalist call. Are you interested?