Global Laser Talk October 2016

Inviting for Outreach

Engage: Hi! Glad we found a minute to talk. I’ve been telling you about my advocacy work with RESULTS for a while, and am pretty excited about all we’ve been able to achieve. I know you have a strong interest in poverty as well.

Problem: The thing is, most people have no idea that we’ve cut global poverty half in recent decades, and saved millions of children’s lives. Most people think poverty has gotten worse, which just isn’t true.

Inform: Just this year our group’s advocacy has made a huge difference. Together with RESULTS groups across the country, we mobilized Congress, the media, and the Administration to support the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria’s plan to save 8 million lives over the next three years. We’ve also got Democrats and Republicans working together on the Reach Act, a bill that will help end needless maternal and child deaths by 2035. We have an amazing 201 cosponsors on this bill, more support than 99% of the bills in Congress! I wish people know how the parties were working together to save lives—you don’t hear that on CNN or Fox.

Call to Action: We have an exciting event planned for World AIDS Day on December 1st and I’d like you join our event. We’ll let people know about some of the good news they never hear, and how they can make a difference by being part of our group. Will you come?