Global Laser Talk November 2010

Right now, students in the U.S. are getting ready for winter break. Unfortunately, 72 million children around the world never look forward to a break from school because they aren’t school in the first place. If efforts continue as-is, at least 56 million children will not be enrolled in primary school in 2015.

However, every country has promised to do their part to achieve quality universal primary education by 2015. Obviously, though, we have work to do.

The Education For All Act was introduced in September by Senator Gillibrand. There is also a House version gaining support. These bills are exciting because they affirm U.S. support for a multilateral education initiative like a Global Fund for Education. Such an initiative could literally transform the lives of millions of children and help us achieve our 2015 goal.

Education is a core value of the U.S., and we know education is key to a more secure and healthier world.

Will you cosponsor the Senate Education for All Act? I’d be happy to get you any additional information you might need, and I can follow up with your office next week.