Global Laser Talk November 2009

Speaking Powerfully About the Global Fund for Education and the December 10 Day of Action


Right now there are 75 million children who should be in primary school, but who are not. Another 225 million kids are missing out on middle and high school.


This is an incredible tragedy for these kids, their families, and their countries. Consider this: a child born to an uneducated mother is twice as likely to die before age 5 than if the mother had an education.

Inform on a Solution

Assuring that all kids receive a quality education would positively impact many global concerns like hunger, family health, economic development, and peace and security. According to Save the Children, across society, every year of schooling decreases a male’s chance of engaging in violent conflict by 20 percent.

Call to Action

But we can put all kids in school with the right tools, resources, and leadership. December 10 is a National Day of Action to call on President Obama to take leadership on creating a Global Fund for Education. This fund will assure that all kids have a chance to go to school. Will you take part in our community effort to reach out to President Obama by speaking or writing to him before or on December 10?

Additional information

Please see the action sheet on this topic and how to take action on December 10.