Global Laser Talk June 2010

Education for All Act 2010

Last year, President Obama announced that he was going to come to a UN summit this September with a plan to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These eight goals address the most pressing problems faced by the world’s poorest people.

One of these eight goals is the achievement of universal basic education. Unfortunately, 72 million children around the world who should be in primary school are not. If we keep at the current rate, 56 million children will still not be in school in 2015, the year when the MDGs are to be met. So far, the education for all piece is missing from Obama’s MDG summit plan.

Fortunately, we have the Education for All Act that provides a roadmap for U.S. leadership on this issue. It is a bipartisan strategy for bringing down barriers that block quality education and will support a brand new multilateral global fund for education.

The MDG Summit in September is a critical moment to get back to education for all. Will you help us build momentum by being a cosponsor for the Education for All Act?