Global Laser Talk January 2013

Getting a Face-to-Face Meeting with Your Member of Congress

Hello! My name is __________, and I am a constituent from ________. I’m calling to schedule a meeting with the senator/congressperson  _________ here in the local district office when he/she is here in the district.

I volunteer with RESULTS, an advocacy organization with activists in about 100 communities here in the U.S. We work on U.S. foreign policy as it affects the world’s poorest. We do a lot of work on education, health, and economic opportunity, and we have a good presence in the district/state.

I know the congressman/woman is very interested in (related issue to which the member of Congress is sympathetic). We are particularly interested in having a meeting early in the year because of what’s happening with the fiscal cliff negotiations. We feel that we can solve our domestic budget issues without sacrificing life-saving foreign assistance.

My RESULTS group advocates for real poverty solutions that use our foreign aid investments wisely, make us more secure, and strengthen our economy. We’ll come to the meeting with some specific issues we want to discuss and relevant background materials. How could we move forward with booking a face-to-face meeting?