Global Laser Talk December 2014

Ask Editors to Write on Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, During the Holidays

Engage: Thanks for your commitment to covering Ebola this fall. With the holidays coming up, I’ve got a bit of good news on global health that I’d love to discuss. Do you have two minutes?

Problem: Here’s the issue: even as we scramble to produce an Ebola vaccine, we’re still not reaching much of the world with vaccines we’ve had in [your city] for years. For lack of a shot to protect them, millions of kids die annually from things as basic as diarrhea and pneumonia.

Inform about solution: But this January, world leaders – President Obama included – have the chance to put a serious dent in that number by investing in Gavi, an international alliance for delivering vaccines in poor countries. We can help immunize 300 million kids, giving each one a chance at a healthy, bright, prosperous future. Right now Gavi is helping get basic vaccines to the kids who need them most, and as soon as an Ebola vaccine is ready, Gavi is who will get it, too, to the people who need it.

Call to action: That’s an opportunity we can all get behind. Do you think [name of newspaper] might take up this issue? I’d love to follow up with more information.