Global Laser Talk April 2011

Education for All-Fast Track Initiative

Roughly 70 million children of primary school age have no access to even the most basic education, namely grade school. Most of them will never learn to read or write.

However, we know that education is the most effective tool for preventing maternal and child deaths, HIV/AIDS infections, and unemployment. We also know that education promotes democracy and economic growth. For global development, and for our security, we need to find a better way of getting kids into school.

Investing in the Education for All-Fast Track Initiative is one of the better ways to do this. So far, the Education for All-Fast Track Initiative has supported 43 of the world’s poorest countries to improve their education systems through efforts like building schools, providing school meals, buying textbooks, and getting more teachers into the classroom where they belong.

To continue scaling up Education for All-Fast Track Initiative efforts, we need a $100 million U.S. investment for fiscal year 2012. Will you talk to the leadership of the Foreign Operations Subcommittee of Appropriations and request this investment in our world’s children? I can provide you with additional information on the Fast Track Initiative.