Speak Up Spring 2017 Friends and Family Campaign — May 15-26

We are in an extraordinary organizing moment. People across the country are eager to engage with the political process and make a difference in the causes they care about. RESULTS is working to take full advantage of this opportunity to build our movement of passionate, committed everyday people.

We are building our movement by organizing trainings and workshops, accelerating our efforts to be in all 50 states, and working to engage everyone who wants to use their voice to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty. At the same time, we are protecting the gains we have made and are continuing the work to influence political decisions to end poverty in the U.S. and around the world.

Together we’re making sure our government does what it takes to end extreme poverty – both in the U.S. and around the world – and volunteer advocates are helping to effectively guide policymakers through meeting with members of Congress, writing op-eds, and mobilizing their communities.

RESULTS grassroots advocates are helping to raise needed funds to ensure we can take full advantage of this unique organizing moment by participating in a peer-to-peer online fundraising campaign called Speak Up.

In addition to raising funds to support our work, campaigns like Speak Up help to spread the word about the great work we do at RESULTS and grow our network of advocates and supporters.

We know that empowering more people to raise their voices in the fight against poverty is more important now than ever.

Join the Speak Up Friends and Family Fundraising Campaign.

As a Speak Up fundraiser you have access to lots of resources including the Speak Up Campaign Guide (below) with sample emails and social media posts, a customizable fundraising website, and one-on-one coaching from Grassroots Fundraising Manager, Mea Geizhals.

Questions? Contact Mea Geizhals at [email protected] or 202-783-4800 x131.

Thank you for your support.