Meet Our Donors

Lisa Peters, a DC Global Group Leader, on why she gives monthly:

‚ÄčI donate monthly because I want to prioritize RESULTS in my finances and help provide a stable source of funding for our work.  I know I am directing my money toward the most worthy effort I can imagine, and I want to put that before other more frivolous expenses (like buying my favorite chai espresso latte).  Having my donation deducted monthly means that I will stay financially committed and accountable to this organization that I so admire.

Mike Batell: “The Most Important Thing I've Ever Done”

Mike Batell in TanzaniaWhen Mike Batell approached RESULTS Educational Fund about making a substantial donation, we were excited and intrigued. After all, Mike is only 27 and not long before had been living on an entry-level nonprofit salary. But a career change had increased his income and he decided to put his money towards his passion — helping people move out of poverty — and to do it in a way that leveraged a greater impact. Read more.


Stan Merrell: “It’s the best business deal I’ve ever made!”

Stan MerrellFor two decades, RESULTS volunteer Stan Merrell has introduced himself to members of Congress this way: “I don’t think we can ever have a world at peace for our kids or grandkids as long as over 25,000 children are dying every day from preventable causes. I’m convinced that the death of a child in Kenya isn’t any easier than it is here. I’m searching for a world at peace.” Read more.

Merelyn Worthy: “I’m leaving a legacy of opportunity”

Merelyn WorthyLike many people without obvious heirs, Merelyn Worthy didn’t feel an urgent need to make a will. The turning point came when she had a cancer scare. “It was a wake-up call that I had to get this done. I don’t want the government to make decisions about my money. I want something positive to happen out of my passing.” Read more.


Diana Fertsch: “I’m making my money go farther”

Diana and Steve Fertsch“I’ve always had a fire in my belly working for the underserved, so RESULTS is a natural place for me to explore advocacy on a bigger level,” says Dr. Diana Fertsch, a pediatrician in Baltimore. Diana sees the tragedies caused by our nations’ flawed health system daily. Read more.