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“I give to RESULTS because for me it is the best way I can help create a world of which you and I can be proud.”
— Scott A. Leckman, RESULTS volunteer and board chair

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RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund are leading forces in ending poverty worldwide. We identify and advocate for effective solutions to help people lift themselves out of poverty. Your donation allows us to:

  • Ensure equal access to health, education, and economic opportunity
  • Build support for proven poverty-fighting strategies by educating members of Congress, the public, and the media
  • Perform cutting edge research on the most effective solutions to poverty and provide oversight of U.S. spending domestically and internationally

Donate to RESULTS Educational Fund

RESULTS Educational Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that performs cutting-edge research on anti-poverty programs and policies, building support for proven poverty-fighting strategies. Donations to RESULTS Educational Fund are tax deductable.

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Donate to RESULTS

RESULTS, our grassroots advocacy 501(c)(4) arm, is dedicated to advocating for specific anti-poverty programs and policies. Donations to RESULTS are not tax deductable.

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Read about our ongoing campaigns, our latest successes, and personal stories of how RESULTS empowers ordinary people to become extraordinary voices for the end of poverty.

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Your Donation at Work


With your support RESULTS and REF will continue to train hundreds of volunteers to advocate for the end of poverty in the U.S. and globally.

The Power of Leverage

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Your investment to RESULTS and/or REF works to ensure the systemic changes necessary to bring and keep people out of poverty are in place.