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Why Your Fundraising Efforts Matter

To RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund (REF):

  • Volunteers are a critical part of our fundraising story. From our inception, RESULTS and REF have depended on, and been supported by, our grassroots donors.
  • In times of financial shortfalls, it is our grassroots base that that can step forward quickly to help narrow the financial gap. In contrast, foundations and corporations often need months or even years to be cultivated, and most gifts come in on an annual basis and cannot respond to short-term need.
  • These unrestricted funds allow RESULTS/REF to maintain our independence to work on the issues and strategic projects where we will have the most impact.

To Your RESULTS Group:

  • RESULTS fundraising events make your group more visible in your community.
  • Events give groups clearly defined ways to reach out and form partnerships with other organizations.
  • Sharing about RESULTS during fundraising attracts new members.
  • Fundraising events solidify and make richer the participation of current activists.

To You:

  • Fundraising asks us to look at our relationship with money and the part we play in how it shapes the world.
  • Events force us to become better speakers, better organizers, and better managers, which spills over into other aspects of our lives.
  • Fundraising pushes us to clearly articulate our values and why we personally invest in the work of RESULTS and REF with our time and our money.
  • For some of us, there is nothing more exciting than raising money to create a better world.

Fundraising can be scary, but there is a real satisfaction in sharing deeply with others about this work and knowing that each dollar raised will help us lay one more brick in the foundation of the end of poverty.

We couldn’t do it without you!