Empower Yourself: Activist Milestone #4

Attend the RESULTS International Conference in Washington, DC.

Every summer, the RESULTS Educational Fund hosts an International Conference for the end of hunger and poverty. Volunteers come to the heart of Washington, DC., and experience first hand what it is like to walk the halls of Congress and meet with their legislators about the most effective solutions for the end hunger and poverty.

Attending the International Conference is one the best ways to see RESULTS in action, meet other amazing volunteers from around the country and the world, sharpen one’s lobbying skills, and hear from some of the world’s foremost experts on our domestic and global issues.

Many groups and volunteers start planning early in the year to come to the conference. Some hold garage sales and raffles to raise money to send members of their group to Washington. RESULTS also offers a limited number of scholarships.

If you are interested in learning more about our conferences or applying for a scholarship, please contact the RESULTS office at (202) 783-4800 or visit www.resultsconference.org. Visit the conference website for more information about our International Conference.