Education that leaves no one behind

By Chris Woodgates, RESULTS UK volunteer
January 22, 2018

Chris Woodgates, a RESULTS UK Volunteer explains the importance of supporting GPE's financing conference for the 32 million children with disabilities who are not receiving an education.

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An investment in the Global Partnership for Education is an investment in the future

By Patrick Doyle, RESULTS Australia volunteer
January 16, 2018

Patrick Doyle, a volunteer for RESULTS Australia, reflects on the importance of education and highlights the need for the Australian government to support the GPE. 

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Tell Congress to protect children’s health – we must save CHIP

By Kali Daugherty
January 10, 2018

When my son Sebastian turned three, he was diagnosed with autism. I had always known there something was different about my sweet boy, but no one – including the countless doctors and therapists I took him to see – could ever say exactly what it was.

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Over 40 Civil Society organizations call for G7 leadership at the GPE financing conference

By Milagros Lechleiter, Global Education Associate
January 10, 2018

A new G7 report highlights the GPE Financing Conference as a crucial moment to ensure adequate funds are available to finance education. Supportive of this report, over 40 Civil Society organizations from G7 countries are asking the G7 leadership to fully support the upcoming GPE replenishment. With less than 1 month until the Financing Conference in Dakar, a major increase in financial commitments are needed from all development partners to secure education opportunities in the 89 GPE developing country partners that are home to 78 percent of the world’s out-of-school population.

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