Don’t give up. Become an advocate.

By Tiffany Hsu
March 09, 2018

You never know when an experience will change the trajectory of your life.

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Funding the Fight Against Global Poverty (Updated 4-23-18)

By Crickett Nicovich, Senior Advisor for Global Policy and Government Affairs
February 25, 2018

Congress is deciding right now what will happen in the year ahead and how global anti-poverty programs will be funded through the annual appropriations process. Now’s the time we make sure they know that we need leadership, not retreat, in the fight against global poverty.

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Let’s build our movement and make our #LettersGetLOUD

By Joanne Carter, Executive Director
February 09, 2018

In a fraught political moment, how do we grow our movement? How do we have even more impact? How do we get more people taking bold action, working together to end poverty? We’re thrilled to launch #LettersGetLOUD, an organizing campaign to help do all of that.

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Rights based education sector planning and accountability: RTEI at the GPE Financing Conference

By Allyson Krupar, Senior Associate
February 09, 2018

How can we create a world where the right to education is satisfied for all? Watch Tony Baker, Associate Director for Global Education at RESULTS Educational Fund, present about rights-based education sector planning and accountability at the 2018 Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Financing Conference

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