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At any given moment, RESULTS staff and activists around the world are busy working with their elected officials, local media, or working within their communities to realize a world without poverty. Hear their stories here!

New Census Poverty Data Shows We Must Do More, Time to Create Media Momentum!

By Meredith Dodson, Director of US Poverty Campaigns
September 16, 2014

Today the Census Bureau released its latest income and poverty data, showing that the poverty rate in the United States was 14.5 percent in 2013 and yhe child poverty rate was 19.9 percent. Media outlets across the country will be covering the release of this data, giving us a chance to connect the dots between policy decisions and the struggles of people in our community. This is a chance to urge policymakers and Congressional candidates to make ending poverty in America a top priority in our local media. 

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RESULTS is Expanding. Read All About It!

By Amanda Beals, Global Grassroots Organizer
September 16, 2014

Do you know folks in Arizona or Kansas who might want to get to know RESULTS? Then have we got opportunities for you!

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Why a Town Hall is More Than Just a Meeting

By Myrdin Thompson, U.S. Poverty Organizer
September 09, 2014

But let's be honest, our leaders in Washington don't know what our concerns are if we only post a status update on social media, talk about it over coffee with a friend. If there is something you are thinking about, or have a passionate desire to change-for me that's ending poverty, polio, and Parkinson's (Guthrie works on funding Alzheimer's research-so we talked about that too)-pick up your phone and call. Find a town hall and attend.

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Creating Face-to-Face Successes: Goals, Achievements, and Plans

By Anne Child, RESULTS Regional Coordinator and RESULTS Austin volunteer
September 02, 2014

Both the U.S. poverty and Global poverty advocates have been focusing on getting face-to-face meetings with our members of Congress during the August recess.  Now that the recess is over, it’s a perfect time to 1) see how we’re doing, 2) celebrate our accomplishments, and 3) make plans for the rest of the year. How are we doing? 

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