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April 2012 U.S. Poverty Action

Using Global Action Week for Education to Build a Broader and Stronger Movement for Early Childhood Development

This year, RESULTS Global and U.S. Poverty Groups are joining the Global Campaign for Education’s Global Action Week for Education, April 22-28. This year’s Global Action Week theme, “Rights from the Start! Early Child Care and Education NOW!”, focuses on the importance of quality early childhood development services for children around the world. Building on our successful work to build support in Congress for early childhood development  (our March Action), with 120 members of Congress signing on to letters supporting Head Start and child care funding, this month we will focus on engaging and mobilizing others in our communities by participating in Global Action Week. We will raise awareness about the importance of investments in early childhood programs such as Head Start and funding for child care and expand our community network, by hosting outreach events and connecting with important “grasstops” (see the next page) during Global Action Week.

Plan a Great Outreach Event to Educate and Recruit New Activists

Here are some steps for organizing an outreach event:

  1. Pick a date & time April 22-28 to hold an outreach event.
  2. Decide what kind of event you would like to do and your location. Ideas could include hosting a house party or potluck, or hosting a presentation on early childhood development policies or an advocacy training at a public location like a local library or community center. You could also arrange to do a presentation or training to another group in your community (e.g. local faith community, Head Start parent meeting, community center, etc).
  3. Brainstorm a list of people in your area to invite who have supported your RESULTS group (including in our recent Friends and Family Campaign) and/or are interested in early childhood issues and put them on your invite list.
  4. Draft a laser talk to use for inviting others – focus on what inspires you about RESULTS, how your group has made a difference, and what they might get out of the event.
  5. Set some goals: How many new activists do you want? How many new members of your Action Network? Remember everyone you invite will not agree to come and those who do come will not all agree to join RESULTS. Approximately 1 out of every 3 people invited will attend the meeting and approximately 1 out of every 5 people who attend will sign up.
  6. Create an inviting plan and timeline so you check in regularly on your inviting. You may want to explore other strategies such as inserting announcements in newspapers, putting up flyers, tabling, etc., but keep in mind that what gets people most in the room is a personal invitation.
  7. Work with your group to create an agenda for your event. See the Sample Outreach Meeting Agenda and Script for an agenda you can tailor.
  8. Assemble any materials your group will want to have onsite, including brochures, a copy of RESULTS “Everyday Heroes” video, printouts of our U.S. Poverty Laser Talk and U.S. Poverty Action Sheet on investing in Head Start and child care,Basics CDs, and Participation Forms.
  9. Confirm each invitee 24–48 hours before the event as a reminder.
  10. Be sure to follow up with everyone who attended your event.

Tips for Hosting a Great RESULTS Outreach Meeting during Global Action Week

These are adapted from RESULTS Activist Toolkit piece on how to conduct a successful outreach event, which include how to create a guest list and sample scripts for invitations.

Logistics & Timing


Build Relationships with “Grasstop” Leaders

Community VIPs (also known as “Grasstops”) have incredible influence in our local communities and can be a vital resource when it comes to building coalitions. This month, your group may choose to focus on building relationships with grasstops leaders around education. Some examples of Community VIPs are:

Community VIPs may have busy schedules, which may make scheduling meeting difficult. Be sure to think of personal connections your group has to these individuals, and creative ways to reach them to ensure a solid connection. RESULTS has resources to help you brainstorm potential coalition partners in your community. A few ways to build a relationship and start a conversation are:



This month, it’s all about building a stronger and broader movement. Use the ideas above, or perhaps your group might consider some other ideas for outreach during Global Action Week, including:

Need more inspiration? See the resources on our Global Action Week Section on our website. We will review outreach strategies for Global Action Week for Education on the RESULTS April 2012 National Conference Call — Saturday, April 14, 2012 at 2 pm ET. To participate, call (888) 409-6709 with your group by 1:58 pm ET. Good luck and have fun!