U.S. Poverty Campaigns

Incorporating grassroots input, RESULTS U.S.-poverty focused groups and activists are focused two campaigns in 2015:

Creating Economic Mobility: Building Ladders out of Poverty

RESULTS voice our support for making sure people earn enough to meet basic needs, including protecting and expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) in a broader framework of tax fairness and addressing inequality. These tax credits are our nation's most successful anti-poverty programs for children – they lifted 8.8 million Americans out of poverty in 2013. Key EITC and CTC provisions are set to expire in 2017. If they do, about 17 million people, including 8 million children, will fall into poverty or deeper into poverty. Instead, RESULTS supports efforts to expand the EITC, especially for workers without children. Since Congress primarily focused on corporate tax legislation, there is no real opportunity to move asset-building legislation in 2015-2016 so less work on the innovative Asset Building strategies including the Financial Security Credit, though we continue to advocate for specific policies that support low-income families to build for the future. As a part of this campaign, we will develop talking points and template materials for RESULTS presentations on inequality and the racial wealth gap (see our January 2015 Conference Call slides).

Keeping Food on the Table: Protecting Federal Nutrition Programs

Our work on nutrition policies will primarily focus on protecting the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps), also possibly WIC and other programs in the Child Nutrition Reauthorization. We are concerned about deep threats to SNAP in the federal budget process, especially in “budget reconciliation”. Congress could also once again cut SNAP funding as a way to pay for Child Nutrition Reauthorization, as it did in 2010. 

In addition, we will continue our focus on Empowering Grassroots Activists by building the health of our existing grassroots network and starting new RESULTS groups. Through our REAL Change program, we are working to bring new and important voices to this work. New to RESULTS? Participate in an upcoming Introductory Call and see our training materials for new activists, which include our Audio Basics Training.

Other Campaign Priorities

RESULTS has a long history of advocating for key investments in nutrition programs, health reform, and early childhood programs. We will not focus our energies on these programs as a major campaign effort in 2015 but we will continue to monitor threats to key anti-poverty programs. Below you will find background on some of these key programs. 

Protect Key Nutrition and Health Programs in Budget Battles

As serious threats to core safety net programs emerge in Congress, RESULTS may engage our network to protect child nutrition programs and Medicaid for millions of Americans living in poverty. 

Early Childhood Development: Smart Investments in the Early Years

For many years, RESULTS volunteers focused on securing additional investments in Head Start, Early Head Start, and Child Care and we continue to support protecting important investments in early childhood programs. 

See the U.S. Poverty Campaigns Summary for details on our work this year and learn more about poverty in the United States.