Winstone Zulu tells his story. Winstone is a globally-renowned TB-HIV patient-activist from Zambia.

Actions for Life. A flash film by the Stop TB Partnership about the Global Plan to Stop TB.

Fight AIDS, Fight TB, Fight Now. A flash film co-produced by UNAIDS and the Stop TB Partnership. Winstone Zulu relates of his battle with TB and HIV.

Children And Tuberculosis Webinar. ACTION Research Associate Mandy Slutsker provides in-depth analysis of the latest research concerning TB's effect on children. Audio | Powerpoint

Check out other great videos online at the Stop TB Partnership’s Video Library.


Images to Stop TB (Stop TB Partnership)

AIRBORNE: A journey into the challenges and solutions to stopping MDR-TB and XDR-TB (Read online or download the pdf)

Powerful images of XDR-TB by photojournalist James Nachtwey

Tackling TB: a homeless man is offered a cure. 10 January 2008 (WHO)

Successful fight against tuberculosis in south-western Russia. 19 October 2007 (WHO)

10 facts about tuberculosis (WHO)